During visit to  Monaco in  2001  I took the opportunity to visit  the  Prince  Rainier
Classic  Car  Collection
  which was housed in a smart Museum near to the Fontvielle
yacht marina. The main reason for my visit was that the  Museum  housed three rear
drive  Citroens  all  supposed  to be  Model C's, similar to mine. Two are,- one being
a Cabriolet like mine and the other a Tourer.  The third was a Cloverleaf but surely a 
Type B variety! Museum was very helpful and provided me with an Engineer so that I
could climb all over them and take some useful video of various original bits.  I then
took a lengthy wander through the rest of the Museum  which was well worth a visit. 
The resultant  pickies  are 'still scans' from  the video  'film'  so they are a bit grainy 
and the quality is not brilliant. Many of the cars were later due to be sold by his son 
Prince Albert to international dismay and site was apparently  due to be  developed.

Prepared in 2001 when PC technology was new: data was expensive & slow !

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viewed on  800 x 600 setup (none of which applies now, but is well worth recalling!).  











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