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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.


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The downside of being a popular website is that we receive over 2,500 SPAM emails a week, mostly auto generated,  and it is simply not possible to open them all individually. 

If you are writing to us, it is important that all emails have
SVVS-MAIL in the 'subject' line otherwise the email could be auto-deleted with the SPAMs. 

Also, because many SPAM attachments contain viruses, we dare not open any that do not have
SVVS-MAIL and obvious car make or details in subject line. 

Sorry but it seems the world is full of  individuals determined on spoiling it for others !

If you are sending
photos for identification we would appreciate that these are sent  in the BEST RESOLUTION possible as it is the detail that provides the identification. We have broadband,- so size of photo is not a problem to us.



Bozi Mohacek  (aka " Vintman ")

This Site is owned and run on behalf of the SVVS by Bozi Mohacek and therefore some of the opinions expressed may not necessarily be shared by the Committee  nor  by  the  Society.  You may however care to note that Bozi  Mohacek  was  voted as the  Chairman  of the Society at  the  2009  AGM and subsequently elected  President  at 2021 AGM.