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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ SVVS "Cream Tea"  Run - Knight's Garden Centre, Woldingham - June 2002] ::

The following text is based on the SVVS Magazine report by Chris Cuss and the photos are by Mike Gorman. As only few pickies, all are shown normal size.  Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading on the web so the definition is lower than a print, and the page to be viewed at 800 x 600. 

When I looked back to last year’s report on this event I was tempted to merely resubmit it as so little was different this year. However some things had changed over the twelve months so although the following may seem familiar it is a brand new report – honestly! The most dramatic change from last year was seeing Diane Erroll out and about again. This time last year she was still in hospital following her sudden dreadful disability. This year she was able to attend albeit still in a wheelchair but out and about once more. I have heard that thanks to her tremendous determination she is even beginning to take some steps again with a wheeled frame and may even try crutches. As someone who has had first hand experience of having to learn to walk again I know only too well how hard she is trying and we all wish her well and admire her determination.

As with last year the weather was cool and overcast. We were one of two parties who had booked for the afternoon at Knights Garden Centre and this time were in the conservatory rather than the house itself as in 2001. After last year’s unseemly scrabble between The Organiser and Brian Lloyd Jacob to see who could collect the most empty mini pots of jam the staff had learned and jam was served in small dishes. Otherwise the tea was to its usual high standard whilst the young staff did their best to cope with the sudden influx of some 35 hungry members of our society. The cars were parked on the front lawn and in no particular order I made note of the following vehicles.

Making its first appearance was a large Packard saloon of forties appearance. Under the bonnet lurked a Chevy V8. The owner has just joined us but I have not yet learned his name. He attended the Cheam car show on May bank holiday and was given a membership form by John Sheldrake. Welcome, Sir. The rest of the line-up needs no introduction. The usual three 12/4 Rileys, as usual came in convoy from Cheam. My Kestrel was followed by John Manvers’ Falcon and Brian Lloyd Jacob’s Lynx. Another car that is never seen with its hood down is Tony Russell’s Ford, Tony did not oblige with another wheel spinning demonstration after the shocks that this caused at the Skimmy last month. Alan Benewith brought the newer of his two Jowetts the 1938 8 h.p. and David Cole exercised his 1933 12/4 Austin. There were a pair of small M.G.’s; Colin Mulford’s TF and the Organiser's TD, as well as the Editorial Y type saloon.

Simon and Jackie Pearce brought their delightful little Stoneleigh Chummy, good to see that Simon is walking without a stick once more. Chris Geary had brought his Alvis TA and ‘Two Jags’ Erroll was using the V12 cabriolet. John Sheldrake was in his Austin 7 Special and Mike Gorman was using the Mark VI Bentley. Late arrivals were Terry Mistry in the highly polished Triumph Roadster and P. Dingle in his 1923 Morris Oxford. After tea the ladies were seen to head towards the plants where a number of purchases were made whilst the rest of us stood around kicking tyres. Some of the Flowers carrying plants can be seen below, namely Hon Tres Tony Russell and the ex Deputy Editor Colin Mulford. Russell is looking pleased as he thinks he knows how to fit a supercharger on a rose !


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