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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

::[ SVVS Dinner - Reigate Manor Hotel, Reigate - April 2019 ]::

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Pre-dinner drinks were taken in the bar and in the small Brokes Suite
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Publicity Officer Tony Russell opens the proceedings while Chairman Bozi Mohacek
does the rounds of individually visiting all the tables

Photographs during Dinner taken by Malcolm Bailey show tables 1-7 at three photos per table
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Chairman Bozi Mohacek starts with a joke  and  then announces trophies to deserving Members
and Mrs. Chairman Julie Mohacek hands out the Trophies

Liz & Bruce Glover: Chairman's Cup                                         Frazer Clayton: The Hero Cup     
      (for winning the Treasure Hunt)                                         (Historical Vehicle Restoration)     
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 Nick Woollett ; Quiz Trophy                                           Mike Gorman: The President's Cup
      (for winning the SVVS Quiz)                                                (For Services to the Society)         
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Guest Speaker Patrick McIntosh gives an informative speech on his battle with cancers and 
subsequently being the first man with triple cancer to reach the South Pole !

Publicity Officer thanks Patrick McIntosh, and the Chairman hands over couple of bottles of plonk

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 Patrick McIntosh then turns the raffle drum and draws out the winning tickets 
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The top Cash Prize was won by Thelma Oakes who immediately handed it to Patrick McIntosh

:: [ SVVS Dinner - Reigate Manor Hotel, Reigate ] ::
Friday 12th April 2019 

Chairman Bozi Mohacek welcomed 67 members and partners, and guest speaker polar explorer Patrick McIntosh and his wife Sue to the 51st Annual Dinner held at the Reigate Manor Hotel on Friday 12 April. As ever, the evening began informally in the bar before MC Tony Russell called us to our tables. Chris Cuss, who in his usual efficient and diplomatic way had done a great job of seating us round the tables, was conspicuous by his absence: rumour has it he was out of the country. Between courses, 'Mrs Chairman' Julie and her charmingly persuasive ladies, Janet Russell, Thelma Oakes and Gosia Hone, sold raffle tickets in aid of Patrick's chosen charity, the St Catherine's Hospice.

When all had enjoyed a three course meal, this year's winners of the SVVS trophies were announced by Bozi and presented by Julie. Trophies presented were: The Chairman's Cup for winning the Annual Treasure Hunt: Bruce Glover.  The Hero Cup for a significant restoration by a society member: Fraser Clayton, ably assisted by Linda, for the superb restoration of their 1936 Rolls Royce 20/25 Limousine. The Presidents Cup for longstanding service to the society: Mike Gorman served as Hon. Secretary for eight years and additionally as a member of the events sub-committee. The Glass Alpha Romeo Trophy for winning the Annual Quiz: Nick Woollett.

Bozi then formally introduced our guest speaker, polar explorer Patrick McIntosh. Patrick opened by thanking those present for the magnificent sum of 415 raised for St Catherine's Hospice by the raffle, then briefly relating his life-changing experience before giving an illustrated synopsis of his trek to the pole. As a blood donor, a routine blood test confirmed he had cancer which, on further investigation, proved to be bowel cancer. After surgery and just when he was by all accounts making a good recovery, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, resulting in further surgery. Early diagnosis had caught both in the early stages and, after further recuperation and a determination to eat well, he climbed Mt Kilimanjaro to prove to himself that he had conquered his cancers, only to find he had skin cancer too on his back and face. With this treated, Patrick determined to prove to himself and others that there was life after cancer. He teamed up with polar guide Conrad Dickinson, who had lead Prince Harry's team, to trek to the South Pole. After grueling training, including running, gym work and pulling tyres to emulate the sleds he would have to pull across Antarctica, Patrick and Conrad set out on their well-publicised 120 mile expedition from where they were dropped to the geographic south pole. Walking 8 hours a day in temperatures of -30C and below across the often windswept bleak white landscape, Patrick described Antarctica as 'brutal'. Arrival at the pole was both a triumph and a disappointment. A triumph in that he was the first multiple cancer sufferer (and minus some body parts) to have reached the south pole, and a disappointment in that after trekking across the pristine Antarctic wilderness they were met by the 'industrial dump' of the US research base at the pole. Nevertheless, Patrick was able to borrow a bicycle and ride 'around the world'.

With the key message of 'stay positive, get tested and eat well', Patrick's talk, which he has given to many organizations and school groups, was both inspirational and challenging. Asked what his future goals were, his response was to ride around the world. Starting in May, Patrick will ride from Twickenham, eastwards via Finland and across Russia following the Trans-Siberian Railway to Japan where he intends watching the Rugby World Cup before crossing the Pacific and riding across North America, then crossing the Atlantic and riding the final legs across Ireland and Wales and back to Twickenham.

The evening concluded with Patrick drawing the raffle. Runner-up prizes were a bottle of champagne (Laraine Orton) and hydrangea plant (Lynette Thornton), while Thelma Oakes won the main cash prize and most graciously donated it to the hospice collection. Altogether, including the buckets after the event, this raised the total for St Catherine's to 524.65 !! Many thanks to everybody for their generosity.

Overall, a well-served meal, good company and an excellent speaker made for a most successful and enjoyable evening.

Malcolm Bailey

Hon Sec.,  Court Photographer,  and Report Writer,   Malcolm Bailey  with wife Sheena.

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