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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - The
Dog & Duck, Outwood - September 2002 ] ::

The Dog & Duck is located on Outwood Hill in Surrey not far from the Outwood Windmill. The following text is the SVVS Magazine report by Bozi Mohacek who also took all the photos. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading, and the page has been sized to be viewed at 800 x 600. If you are reading this article in the SVVS Magazine,  it won't work! You will have to go to: .

This was our second visit to the Dog & Duck this year because the July evening meeting normally held at the Plough in Bletchingley wasn't, because the Plough was closed for refurbishment. The Dog & Duck was therefore chosen at the last moment. This meeting in September is therefore the official D&D meeting and true to tradition carefully built up over many years was, as normal, one of the least well attended meetings of the year. Lots of excuses from everybody, including that lots of Members had spent all day yesterday at the Reigate Tunnel Charity Meeting. Many were told by their espoused, like O'Aakes, that he wasn't allowed out to enjoy himself two days on the trot. Another excuse was that the Grand Prix was on. Surely just the reason to escape the tedium of repetitive rotations resulting in Schumacher benefits. Whatever happened to proper GP racing ??

dd02.jpg (38897 bytes)  dd03.jpg (41539 bytes)  dd04.jpg (33782 bytes)  dd05.jpg (30589 bytes)

So those who came to the D&D either braved the wrath or wisely brought the espoused along. I (Bozi Mohacek) did the brave thing and came along alone in L'Escargot, the little brown 1921 Citroen Model C which was the star of stage, screen and The Automobile Magazine published this month. Quite pleased the article was eventually published because it had been twice announced as being in the next issue, and then wasn't ! Parked next door was the two tone green MG Y of Hon Editor Julian Alderton who wisely always bring the missus along. Adjacent was the smart 1923 Morris Oxford Bullnose Tourer of Peter Dingle, and wife, who still occasionally does weddings. Next to him was the diddy 1931 Austin Seven Tourer housing Kenneth Hart and wife. Towering above it was the nautical 1913 Ford Model T powerboat pozed by David Locket, on his tod. Couple of Triumphs came next; the 1955 Triumph TR2 belonging to Roger Horstman, and a Triumph TR5 which I think belonged to an off-duty Triumph car club hosting publican.

dd06.jpg (39583 bytes)  dd07.jpg (31736 bytes)  dd08.jpg (36623 bytes)  dd09.jpg (26241 bytes)

Starting a new row to ensure that his car was clearly seen and could be photographed in its full polished glory was the 1947 Bergerac of Dr Terry Mistry whose advice was sought by Messrs. Picnic Organisers on the subject of their new exotic puppy. Next to the Triumph looking equally smart was the maiden appearance of the 1980 Morgan belonging to Michael Harvey who not only brought along the wife but also the kids. His previous oldie was a one pot tractor and her late Pa owned a couple of Traction Engines. Adjacent was a tidy MG and a smart Austin neither of which are in my Register. Mr. Picnic Organiser, and wife, came in the chickenwired 1935 Morris Eight Tourer with the aforesaid exotic puppy. Also with wife was Bob Fitsall and the 1948 Triumph Roadster. Last in, and the last in the row, was the flash blue 1952 Jaguar XK120 belonging to Chairman Erroll who actually wanted to stay at home and watch the Grand Prix. It is just as boring later on Video.

dd10.jpg (25229 bytes)  dd11.jpg (28779 bytes)  dd12.jpg (26077 bytes)  dd13.jpg (59738 bytes)

Parked  round the back was the 1953 Jowett Jupiter Special of William Ray and partaking of a drive-through SVVS meeting was David Smart in something white and modern which stopped only long enough to open the window to be photographed. Also there for the photo opportunity was the shiny E type Jaguar belonged to Frank Carson. Special day for the Carsons, Jackie (who is the E & O Show Secretary) was allowed for the first time ever to drive the E, so that Frank could also bring the massive hyperchromed Harley Davidson. They left smartish when there was a slightest hint that it might rain next week; neither vehicle is allowed to get wet ! Last two cars of note to drive in just as the place was about to shut were the rather audible and rapid Mohacek Megasprog Golf GTI Road Racer and flat-mate Charlie Pank's track racing Caterham Super Seven. The Caterham is called Kermit, can only be entered via the roof between the roll-bar and is avoided by the girlfriend Helen whenever possible. Not far away were a couple of lovely sportsbikes belonging to some passers by (..stoppers-by?), being a Ducatti and a Laverda with all the trimmings. Worthy of note, Mohacek Megasprog  has just purchased a dormant Lotus Esprit, the Bond 007 underwater type. Did however need Pa to find out it was dead because no petrol was getting to the carbs.

dd14.jpg (39849 bytes)  dd15.jpg (40207 bytes)  dd16.jpg (49088 bytes)  dd17.jpg (37149 bytes)

Interesting to note that from a total of 19 various vehicles mentioned above it seems only five were brave enough to leave the espoused back at base; I don't count 'cos mine wouldn't come anyway !       PS. The aforesaid exotic puppy has free roam of the back of the Morris Eight constrained only by the rather ingenious chickenwire contraption strapped above it.

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