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:: [Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show  -  Ardenrun, Lingfield, Surrey -  August Bank Holiday] ::

As the name of the Show implies, the Show is primarily a Country Show dedicated to country pursuits, and the Historic Vehicle Display, of which I am the Chief Steward (as well as being the Vehicle Registrar of the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society ), is a small but important part of the overall event. If your interest is mainly in Historic Vehicles click here which will take you to the Vehicle Display Page. The purpose of the Page below is to give you the overall impression of the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show in its many and varied aspects, other than Historic Vehicles. Pictures and comments are my own and in no way connected with the official Show Organisation.

The E & O Show takes place at the Ardenrun Showground, Lingfield, and is located very close off the A22 at Blindley Heath. The Show entrance (12) is in Tandridge Lane which commences at the Red Barn Public House on the B 2029 to Lingfield. The Show takes place over two days during the August Bank Holiday and is attended by some 40,000 people over the Sunday and Monday. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture and please note that the photo may take some 15 seconds to load. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of the screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading on the web so definition is lower than that of a print, and the page has been sized to be viewed on an  800  x  600  setup. 

eos01.jpg (24809 bytes)    eos02.jpg (31296 bytes)   eos03.jpg (34136 bytes)

The Show traditionally starts with the Show Ball which is held in the VP marquee on the Friday evening and goes on long into the night. A smashing ‘bash’ which always sets the scene for a fabulous weekend. Being a Country Show, the E&O has literally hundreds of attractions for all the family. The Historic Vehicle Display is in the part of Show designated the "Country Sports Area" adjacent to the rear public entrance and this is where I commenced my wander through the Show taking snaps as I went. I hope the photos and comments give you the general flavour of the Show.

eos04.jpg (22367 bytes) eos05.jpg (30285 bytes) eos06.jpg (26736 bytes) eos07.jpg (37169 bytes)

Next to the entrance is the Farrier building where beefy blokes demonstrate the art of sizzling a hot horseshoe onto a horse. Amazing how the horse never flinches. Adjacent is the 'doggie section' which includes the ' jumps and hoops' Agility Section, the very amusing Terrier Racing Track and the Showing Ring. Further down is the Hounds enclosure and Gun Dogs section, and the Ferrets.

eos08.jpg (16952 bytes) eos09.jpg (18549 bytes) eos10.jpg (23246 bytes) eos11.jpg (19409 bytes)

The fishermen are well catered for too having a Fly Fishing Pool, and stalls representing fishing associations and tackle manufacturers. Close by is Archery range and the Falconry enclosure where  birds rest between demmos in the Main Ring. The "Country Sports Area" also contains the noisy demonstration of carving tree trunks into figures with a chain saw, and the Shooting range.

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eos16.jpg (20516 bytes) eos17.jpg (19675 bytes) eos18.jpg (19778 bytes) eos19.jpg (19999 bytes)

The biggest single interest at the Show seems to be horses in all their aspects with six very large designated Horse Rings in various parts of the Showground. These rings always seem to be full of adults and children doing things with horses, but regretfully as I know nothing about horses I cannot advise on what goes on in any of them.  So above are just a few photos to give the flavour.

eos20.jpg (24885 bytes) eos21.jpg (26550 bytes) eos22.jpg (23886 bytes) 
eos23.jpg (24582 bytes)

Country pursuits include gardening and specifically competitive gardening. A very large Horticultural Marquee dominates the procedure and is filled with all manner of plants, flowers and vegetables all grown and groomed to absolute perfection; also full of people examining things in great detail. Gardening is a serious matter, and one thing for sure, in some things size matters.

eos24.jpg (29492 bytes)  eos25.jpg (30595 bytes)  eos26.jpg (27725 bytes)  eos27.jpg (27568 bytes)

Marquees are a very useful thing especially when it rains, as it did. Can house hundreds, as they did. People in tents included hungry people seriously shopping for oysters and cider brandy and other specialised 'delis' in the Food Hall, gentle people keen on all things ethnic rummaged through hand made goodies in the Craft Marquee and serious women doing their thing in the WI Marquee.

eos28.jpg (20756 bytes)  eos29.jpg (20502 bytes)  eos30.jpg (21521 bytes)  eos31.jpg (20694 bytes)

eos32.jpg (21730 bytes)  eos33.jpg (24454 bytes)  eos34.jpg (20517 bytes)  eos36.jpg (21740 bytes)

Serious shoppers though had most of the rest of the Showground with what seemed a couple of hundred of tended shops selling absolutely everything from fast food to fast cars. Safe to say that if you wanted a Barbour, a jacuzzi, a tractor, jellied eels or a mock tudor barn, this was the place to come. Too many things to mention, so here again are a few photos to give a hint of the flavour.

eos40.jpg (19830 bytes)  eos41.jpg (20142 bytes)  eos42.jpg (17902 bytes)  eos43.jpg (25946 bytes)

eos36.jpg (21796 bytes)  eos37.jpg (18028 bytes)  eos38.jpg (16516 bytes)  eos39.jpg (15036 bytes)

Those interested in new cars and new machinery had plenty to choose from. From the latest go-faster Jaguars including the new X type, to latest in John Deere high lift stacking tractors, it was all here. You need a new Land-Rover to match your new green wellies, you want a lawn mower, a strimmer, chain saw, - you know where to go. Need to buy an Aga or fill it with oil, look no further. 

eos45.jpg (20031 bytes)  eos46.jpg (22140 bytes)  eos47.jpg (23072 bytes)  eos48.jpg (27392 bytes)

But as this is an Agricultural Show, there is also a very interesting Vintage Agricultural Machinery section which has a number of fascinating old tractors and diggers. This section also accommodates a fully working Threshing Machine which is powered by two tractors and which is in action during the show. There was also a display of Stationary Engines driving static machinery. 

eos49.jpg (26098 bytes)  eos50.jpg (16621 bytes)  eos51.jpg (20604 bytes)  eos52.jpg (14172 bytes)

Children are not forgotten either. Beside the Agricultural machinery section is the children's Fun Fair including traditional helter skelter, roundabouts, shooting gallery as well as the now requisite bouncy castles and the state of the art rocket travel simulator. They also had an Ice Dome complete with an ice-rink and nearby were a number of go-carts and go-bikes of various types. 

eos53.jpg (29407 bytes)  eos54.jpg (24713 bytes)  eos55.jpg (28119 bytes)  eos56.jpg (25116 bytes)

Also for kids of all ages was the fluffy Rabbit and Poultry marquee with literally hundreds of rabbits being very earnestly judged. Also nearby was the Medieval Encampment with all participants dressed in medieval costume and using medieval implements, tools and materials. Close was Old MacDonalds Farm,  Young Farmer's duck racing stadium, and Heavy Horse Village. 

eos57.jpg (19684 bytes)  eos58.jpg (22974 bytes)  eos59.jpg (20826 bytes)  eos60.jpg (17992 bytes)

All around were loads of food stalls and ice-cream vans as well as three designated Catering Areas for the serious eaters; spuds, cornish pasties, pizzas, seafood, oriental, chips, pancakes, doughnuts, to name but a few of the culinary delights on offer, some of which could be enjoyed to the accompaniment of live jazz, and can later be washed down with a jar or two at the Stockman. 

eos61.jpg (22375 bytes)  eos62.jpg (21698 bytes)  eos63.jpg (27000 bytes)  eos64.jpg (24634 bytes)

For the posh serious eaters there is only one place to be seen at, and that is at the Vice Presidents Marquee. This area is reserved for those involved in Show organisation, and for those who pay to be VPs. The area provides the best view of the Main Ring, a bar well stocked with local ales, and the main Restaurant. And the restaurant was where the E& O Ball was held and where it all started.

Oh, and there was also the Historic Vehicle Display - And I'm Sure I've missed out a loads of things but this little tour is only to give you a taster. You will have to come along yourself to have a proper look. You may need two days !

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