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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ New Year's Day Meeting - Fox-on-the-Hill, Lower Kingswood - January 2002 ] ::

We have met for a noggin and a natter at Fox in Lower Kingswood for about five years on each New Year's Day.  The following text is based on the SVVS Magazine report by Chris Cuss and the photos by Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture and  note that the photo may take some 15 seconds to load. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading on the web so the definition is lower than a print, and been sized to be viewed on an 800 x 600 setup.

FX01.JPG (25344 bytes)  FX02.JPG (34900 bytes)  FX03.JPG (34422 bytes)  FX04.JPG (30603 bytes)

Whilst the Fox is not an 'official' event, whatever that may mean, quite a few members have turned out in previous years to celebrate the start of a new year. Last year we mustered in excess of 20 'proper' cars plus a fair number who preferred the warmth of their moderns. Sadly this year we did not enjoy such a good turnout possibly due to lack of publicity.  The oldest car present was John Manvers' 1930 Riley Monaco, which was accompanied by my 1935 Riley Kestrel. Two Jowetts had arrived before us. Alan Benewith had brought his pre-war Jason and Roger Cross his post-war Javelin. Barbara and Harry Scott were also early arrivals in Barbara's Alfa Romeo Spyder. 

FX05.JPG (28596 bytes)  FX06.JPG (39928 bytes)  FX07.JPG (26045 bytes)  FX08.JPG (24047 bytes)

Shortly afterwards Will How braved the freezing conditions to exercise his Lancia Appia. Both of the Club's working Jaguar XJS's put in an appearance. The red V12 was piloted as usual by Bozi Mohacek and the grey cabrio by Mike Enroll, who wasn't going to come!  One or two members were spotted in moderns notably Messrs Picnic Oraginisers, also John Sheldrake and Mike Gorman.

FX09.jpg (24900 bytes)  FX10.JPG (25604 bytes)  FX11.JPG (31078 bytes)  FX12.JPG (27640 bytes)

A group of three cars belonged to non-members. Phil Buckoke, who had been a member many years ago, brought his Riley Lynx. He was accompanied by another ex member whose name I did not record. His car was a 1938 straight eight Hudson Country Club saloon displacing some 4.2 litres. The car had previously been owned by Chris Barber the jazz musician and had covered 46,000 miles since new. The present owner had bought the car in an auction since when it had been totally reliable and needed no work. The final car was a six cylinder Austin with landaulet style bodywork. 

FX13.JPG (28472 bytes)  FX14.JPG (16718 bytes)  FX15.JPG (34281 bytes)  FX16.jpg (19502 bytes)

So this turned out to be a rather a subdued SVVS start to the New Year. Although the temperature was below freezing it was a bright sunny morning and there is nothing better for clearing the head than a quick blast in an old motor. Let's hope that we do better in 2003. So, despite what the man in hat may say about 'unofficial' , - we hope to see you there next year as usual.

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