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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.



The SVVS Website now has in excess of 50,000 photographs on this site dealing with SVVS and other vehicles.  Photos can be seen via the Venue summary pages leading to Event pages on either:  2018; Recent Venues Page or  2017; Last Year's Events Page or if you require any HELP or for INFORMATION on any car or make try our  HELP Pages.    

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Official Partners: Gatwick Airport, Harrods, November Foundation
Abels, Brighton & Hove Council, Hagerty, Honda, RAC, Total.

Weather on the 2018 Run was quite reasonable and our intrepid photographer Tony Oakes was again at his usual post on the hill out of Redhill.

The programme catalogue suggests that some 500 cars took part and that the start within London had to be split this year into two routes to ease congestion and improve the flow of the run. This is why some cars carry blue entry numbers and some orange. Below is a selection of photos taken by Tony which shows a sample of vehicles that took part. Photos are in Start Number order, oldest first. The 'mustache' logos on many cars are in support of the menís health charity, the Movember Foundation.

The second set of photos was taken at the SVVS post-Run meet at
Black Horse, Hookwood, by Malcolm Bailey & Chas Moody.

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friends !

Picture Gallery Index

Please Click on the thumbnail photos below to see full size high definition picture:

 003'1895_Peugeot_Vis-a-vis.jpg (138715 bytes)  006'1896_Lutzmann_Victoria.jpg (149031 bytes)  009'1897_Daimler_Wagonnette.jpg (134121 bytes)
1895 Peugeot Vis-a-vis 1896 Lutzmann Victoria  1897 Daimler Wagonnette
 010'1897_Daimler_Tonneau.jpg (143418 bytes)  012'1898_Leon_Bollee_Tandem_Two-seater.jpg (92279 bytes)  017'1898_Panhard_Levassor_Tonneau.jpg (152348 bytes)
1897 Daimler Tonneau 1898 Leon Bollee Tandem  
1898 Panhard Levassor
 027'1899_Benz_Dogcart.jpg (137084 bytes)  028'1899_Wolseley_Two-seater.jpg (75004 bytes)  029'1899_Locomobile_Spindle-seat.jpg (146328 bytes)
1899 Benz Dogcart 1899 Wolseley Two-seater  1899 Locomobile Spindle-seat
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size high definition picture
 037'1900_De-Dion_Bouton_Vis-a-Vis.jpg (113311 bytes)  039'1900_Hurtu_Petit-duc.jpg (161984 bytes)  040'1900_Renault_Tonneau.jpg (108956 bytes)
1900 De-Dion Bouton Vis-a-Vis1900 Hurtu Petit-duc  1900 Renault Tonneau
 043'1900_Cleveland_Electric_Stanhope.jpg (114357 bytes)  044'1900_New_Orleans_Two-seater.jpg (123970 bytes)  049'1900_Renault-Four-seater.jpg (146633 bytes)
1900 Cleveland Electric Stanhope 1900 New Orleans Two-seater  1900 Renault Four-seater
 053'1900_Clement_Panhard_Phaeton.jpg (120441 bytes)  056'1900_Daimler_Tonneau.jpg (109902 bytes)  057'1900_Daimler_Tonneau.jpg (169409 bytes)
1900 Clement Panhard  1900 Daimler Tonneau 
1900 Daimler Tonneau
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size high definition picture
 059'1900_Daimler_Tonneau.jpg (158778 bytes)  063'1900_Amdee_Bollee_Dogcart.jpg (137466 bytes)  070'1901_Georges_Richard_Tonneau.jpg (76731 bytes)
1900 Daimler Tonneau 1900 Amdee Bollee Dogcart  1901 Georges Richard Tonneau
072'1901_Pick_Two-seater.jpg (125583 bytes)  091'1900_American_Bycicle_Co_Toledo_Steamer.jpg (149900 bytes)  095'1901_Darracq_Tonneau.jpg (79225 bytes)
       1901 Pick Two-seater 1900 American Bicycle Toledo Steamer  1901 Darracq Tonneau
 100'190_Gillet_Forest_Tonneau.jpg (179572 bytes)  105'1901_Locomobile_Surrey.jpg (144947 bytes)  107'1901_Mors_Tonneau.jpg (120435 bytes)
1901 Gillet Forest Tonneau 1901 Locomobile Surrey 1901 Mors Tonneau
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size high definition picture
 108_1901_Albion_Dogcart.jpg (118826 bytes)  111'1901_Lanchester_Tonneau.jpg (129583 bytes)  113'1901_Wolseley_Tonneau.jpg (129147 bytes)
1901 Albion Dogcart  1901 Lanchester Tonneau 
1901 Wolseley Tonneau
 118'1902_Pearce_Two-seter.jpg (135635 bytes)  126'1902_Peugeot_Two-seater.jpg (160832 bytes)  127'1902_Oldsmobile_Curved_Dash.jpg (128902 bytes)
      1902 Pearce Two-seater 1902 Peugeot Two-seater 1902 Oldsmobile Curved Dash
 133'1902_Knox_Roadster.jpg (128271 bytes)  135'1902_Panhard_Levassor_Tonneau.jpg (118986 bytes)  136'1902_Panhad-Levassor_Tonneau.jpg (159864 bytes)
                          1902 Knox Roadster  1902 Panhard Levassor Tonneau
1902 Panhad-Levassor Tonneau
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size high definition picture

 141'1902_Dennis_Tonneau.jpg (131502 bytes)  142'1902_De-Dion-Bouton_Tonneau.jpg (133603 bytes)  146'1902_De-Dion_Bouton_Tonneau.jpg (122655 bytes)
             1902 Dennis Tonneau 1902_De-Dion-Bouton Tonneau 1902 De-Dion-Bouton Tonneau
 150'1902_Albion_Dogcart.jpg (126190 bytes)  155'1902_Renault_Double-phaeton.jpg (162760 bytes)  162'1902_Darracq_Tonneau.jpg (125030 bytes)
    1902 Albion Dogcart  1902 Renault Double-phaeton 
1902 Darracq Tonneau
 163'1902_Gladiator_Tonneau.jpg (156735 bytes)  167'1902_Wolseley_Tonneau.jpg (107261 bytes)  171'1902_Panhard_Levassor_Tonneau.jpg (115472 bytes)
1902 Gladiator Tonneau 1902 Wolseley Tonneau  1902 Panhard Levassor Tonneau
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size high definition picture
175'1902-Arrol_Johnson_Dogcart.jpg (174251 bytes)  178'1902_Mors_tonneau.jpg (114565 bytes)  180'1902_Panhard-Levassor_Two-seater.jpg (142275 bytes)
      1902 Arrol Johnson Dogcart 1902 Mors Tonneau  1902 Panhard-Levassor Two-seater
 189'1903_Vauxhall_Four-seater.jpg (125236 bytes)  200'1903_De-Dion_Bouton_Two-seater.jpg (122374 bytes)  202'1903_De-Dion-Bouton_Tonneau.jpg (133618 bytes)
    1903 Vauxhall Four-seater1903 De-Dion-Bouton Two-seater 1903 De-Dion-Bouton Tonneau
 208'1902_De-Dion-Bouton_Cab.jpg (113682 bytes)  210'1903_Pearce_Stanhope.jpg (118396 bytes)  219'1903_Stevens_Duryea_Stanhope.jpg (125990 bytes)
     1902 De-Dion-Bouton Cab  1903 Pearce Stanhope 1903 Stevens Duryea Stanhope
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size high definition picture
 229'1902_Flint_Roadster.jpg (107347 bytes)  231'1902_Archilles_Two-seater.jpg (135713 bytes)  234'1903_Tony_Huber_Tonneau.jpg (124508 bytes)
           1902_Flint_Roadster 1900 New Orleans Two-seater  1900 Renault Four-seater
 236'1903_De-Dion-Bouton_Two-seater.jpg (136520 bytes)  239'1903_Gladiator_Tonneau.jpg (140335 bytes)  244'1903_Panhard-Levassor_Tonneau.jpg (111374 bytes)
1903 De-Dion-Bouton Two-seater 1903 Gladiator Tonneau
1903 Panhard-Levassor Tonneau
 250'1903_Clement_Tonneau.jpg (135957 bytes)  255'1903_Sunbeam_Tonneau.jpg (122934 bytes)  262'1903_Peerless_Tonneau.jpg (159008 bytes)
1903 Clement Tonneau 1903 Sunbeam Tonneau 1903 Peerless Tonneau
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size high definition picture
 263'1904_Albion_Wagonette.jpg (127997 bytes)  265'1903_Martini_Tonneau.jpg (112666 bytes)  266'1903_Berliet_Swing-seat_Tonneau.jpg (107181 bytes)
                1904 Albion Wagonette 1903 Martini Tonneau  1903 Berliet Swing-seat Tonneau.
 276'1904_Rexette_Forecar.jpg (137295 bytes)  285'1094_De-Dion-Bouton_Two-seater.jpg (124359 bytes)  293'1904_Siddeley_Two-seater.jpg (126381 bytes)
1904 Rexette Forecar 1094 De-Dion-Bouton Two-seater 1904 Siddeley Two-seater.
 299'1904_Humberette_Two-seater.jpg (157187 bytes)  311'1904_Rambler_Tonneau.jpg (142281 bytes) 
315'1904_Peugeot_Tonneau.jpg (205704 bytes)
1904 Humberette Two-seater 1904 Rambler Tonneau  1904 Peugeot Tonneau
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size high definition picture
 324'1904_Darracq_Two-seater.jpg (127532 bytes)  327'1904_De-Dion-Bouton_Victoria.jpg (114829 bytes)  337'1904_Cadillac_Tonneau.jpg (170371 bytes)
1904 Darracq Two-seater1904 De-Dion-Bouton Victoria.1904 Cadillac Tonneau
 358'1904_White_Steamer.jpg (132740 bytes)  362'1904_Darracq_Demi-Limousine.jpg (100558 bytes)  372'1904_Columbia_Tonneau.jpg (160303 bytes)
1904 White Steamer1904 Darracq Demi-Limousine  1904 Columbia Tonneau
Please Click on the thumbnail photos to see full size high definition picture
 377'1904_Darracq-_Tonneau.jpg (149503 bytes)  391'1904_Lanchester_Demilimousine.jpg (73675 bytes)  400'1901_Mrcedes_Simplex_Tonneau.jpg (115805 bytes)
1904 Darracq Tonneau 1904 Lanchester Demilimousine  1901 Mrcedes Simplex Tonneau

Start No 167   1902 Wolseley 10HP Tonneau     Driven by SVVS Member Michael Doughty

Start No 288   1904 De Dion Bouton 6HP Tonneau     Driven by Penelope Clew and  SVVS Member David Ralph

Start No 600     1905 Cadillac  9HP Limousine    Driven by SVVS Member David Smart

 Some SVVS spectatoring members visited the Black Horse in Hookwood for a post-LBVCR Lunch.

 BH01.jpg (129614 bytes)  BH05.jpg (121361 bytes)  BH02.jpg (126812 bytes)
Some by bicycle, some by motorcycle, and some by Bentleys
  BH03.jpg (108962 bytes)  BH04.jpg (76168 bytes)  BH06.jpg (180892 bytes)
and some by Ferrari
BH09.jpg (28867 bytes)
Tony Tester following a 'steamer' !

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