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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.


:: [ THE FIRST SUMMER PIONEER RUN- Handcross, Sussex - August 2017 ]::

The SVVS Website now has in excess of 50,000 photographs dealing with SVVS and other vehicles. Photos of SVVS vehicles at SVVS Meetings can be seen by going to the " Earlier Meeting Archive " page, selecting the appropriate year Venue Summary Page, and then clicking on the appropriate meeting via the heading or picture. 
If you require HELP or INFORMATION on identification of any car or make,  try our  HELP Pages. 
There are now a number of  Picture Gallery Pages  in this 'Gallery Section' which contain lots of varied Photographs taken by Members and Associates on their outside travels internationally. 

Our regular contributor to the Gallery Pages, but renowned for his less than regular attendances at our SVVS Meetings, is our French Member, Michel Gosset. Michel was an active racer of Vintage Classics having been the owner of the ex-Bernie Ecclestone Connaught. Having slowed down somewhat he currently has a Citroen 2 CV! He is also a keen motorcyclist having a Triumph motorcycle. Michel and Helen visited the 'First Summer Pioneer Run 2017' and took all the photos on this page at the Start at Verralls the Vintage Motorcycle Dealers in Handcross. Chas Moody did some of the identifications

Chas Moody, who is also our Membership Secretary,  was a participant on the Run and advised this was a new event on the Sunbeam Motorcycle Club calendar and seemed very well received. It was well organised by Rob Pond, had over 40 participants, the route was clearly signposted and there was a stop at Bolney for a fried breakfast supplied by the Pond family. The weather was excellent and Chas got rather overheated in full riding gear and tabard.

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2017 Summer Pioneer Run Tea Stop at Verralls, the Vintage Motorcycle Dealers in Handcross

Click on thumbnail photos below to enlarge the photo.

1902_Clement_Gerrard.jpg (52764 bytes)  1903_Calvert.jpg (54359 bytes)   1904_Rover_Forecar.jpg (51896 bytes)
1902 Clement Garrard
1903 Calvert1904 Rover Forecar

1910_Triumph_3.5HP.jpg (45073 bytes)  1910_Triumph h.jpg (45406 bytes)   1911_Premier_3.5HP.jpg (45608 bytes)
1910 Triumph 3.5HP1910 Triumph1911 Premier 3.5HP

1911_Rover_3.5HP.jpg (47735 bytes)  1911_Rover_3.5HP  1.jpg (40542 bytes)   1912_Royal_Enfield.jpg (39967 bytes)
1911 Rover 3.5HP1911 Rover 3.5HP1912 Royal Enfield

Click on thumbnail photos below to enlarge the photo.
1912_Rudge_Multy.jpg (46820 bytes)  1912_Triumph 2.jpg (42103 bytes)   1912_Triuumph 3.jpg (44063 bytes)
1912 Rudge Multi1912 Triumph1912 Triumph

1913_Excelsior.jpg (51378 bytes)  1913_Sunbeam_2.75HP.jpg (56226 bytes)  1913_Triumph_Model_C.jpg (39572 bytes)
1913 Excelsior1913 Sunbeam 2.75H1913 Triumph_Model_C

1914 Rover_Styrmley_Archer.jpg (49968 bytes)  1914_Arial.jpg (38764 bytes)   1914_Douglas.jpg (38213 bytes)
1914 Rover Sturmley Archer1914 Arial1914 Douglas

Click on thumbnail photos below to enlarge the photo.

1914_New_Hudson_Model_D.jpg (61227 bytes)  1914_Triumph TT.jpg (48779 bytes)  1914_Triumph TT b.jpg (47378 bytes)
1914 New Hudson Model D1914 Triumph TT1914 Triumph TT

 1914_Wall_Autowheel_Delux.jpg (53477 bytes)  1914_Wall_Autowheel_Delux a.jpg (39774 bytes)  Douglas 1.jpg (62275 bytes)  
1914 Wall Autowheel Delux1914 Wall Autowheel DeluxDouglas

  Douglas 2.jpg (48443 bytes)  Scott_Flying_Squirrel.jpg (60523 bytes)  Norton_Model_18.jpg (49850 bytes)  
DouglasScott Flying SquirrelNorton Model 18
Click on thumbnail photos below to enlarge the photo.
BSA Sloper.jpg (57835 bytes)  Triumph_Greeves_special.jpg (50082 bytes)  Triumph.jpg (43179 bytes)
BSA  'Sloper'Triumph Greeves specialTriumph

chas.jpg (46894 bytes)  1914_Triumph_TT_Roadster.jpg (51844 bytes)  1914_Triumph_TT_Roadster b.jpg (51105 bytes)
Chas Moody in leathers
Chas' 1914 Triumph TT RoadsterBack

 Verralls, the Vintage Motorcycle Dealers in Handcross 



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