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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.


:: [ 79th PIONEER RUN 2018 - Pease Pottage - Sunday 18th March 2018 ]::
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Our Membership Secretary Chas Moody is a very keen vintage biker who regularly partakes in the Motorcycle 'Brighton Run'. The run was supposed to start from Epsom Downs and finish on Madeira Drive, Brighton, but the 'Beast from the East' with snow and blizzards had returned so the start was moved to the half way stop at Bridge Motors, Pease Pottage, - not before many stalwarts like Chas had driven to the snow bound Epsom! Road conditions became worse as they approached Tattenham Corner with  Veteran bikes being ridden 'feet down' and sliding alarmingly in a sea of icy slush. Epsom Downs wore a blanket of snow and was swept with biting wind. The start area was almost deserted save for a few frozen marshals. They then went off to Pease Pottage, then to Handcross, Cowfold and Henfield without significant difficulty. Passing through Woodmancote people wetre flashing 'Icy Roads'. Past Pyecombe they had the magnificent sight of the snow covered South Downs set dramatically against a leaden sky. Up on to the A23, passing the famous Pylons and dropping down into Brighton, the light traffic allowing a trouble free run to the seafront, then along Madeira Drive to the finish. Of the 322 machines entered, only 137 started. But of those a magnificent 128 machines finished. One of the usual highlights apart from the run itself is looking at the magnificent array of machines lined up at the finish, far fewer this year due to the nasty weather. Photographs were taken by Zak Stilling and Chas Moody.

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2018 Pioneer Run had a relocated starting point at Bridges in Pease Pottage due to heavy snow on Epsom Downs

001.jpg (123390 bytes)   002.jpg (53608 bytes)
         No. 86 -1911 Magnat-Debon 2.25hp - at Bridges                                            No. 201-1911 Rover 3.5hp;  No. 203-1914 James 226cc 

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09.jpg (64025 bytes)   10.jpg (67666 bytes)
 Chas Moody fuelling up and gearing up to depart 

Our Chas Moody aboard  No.155 - 1914 Triumph TT Roadster, - leaving Bridges in Pease Pottage

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05.jpg (54651 bytes)   
1913 Ariel  500cc - leaving Bridges in Pease Pottage                       No. 226 - 1914 Douglas 2.75hp - trying to leave Pease Pottage

No. 13 - 1902 Clement;   No. 36 - 1905 Peugeot.;   No. 73 - 1910 Fafnir - en route

No. 95 -1914 Wall Autowheel 118cc              and                           1914 Sun 269cc - en route
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17.jpg (41447 bytes)   18.jpg (54850 bytes)
                1905 Peugeot                                                     and                                        1897  Leon Bollee 3hp 
- en route

and eventually 
12.jpg (48281 bytes)   19.jpg (37447 bytes)
     No.176  has reached the Brighton Pavilion  ...                   ...  final Destination; Seafront, Madeira Drive

13.jpg (46801 bytes)   14.jpg (58699 bytes)
1899 Romain Trike                                                                                1903 Kerry 2.75hp 
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15.jpg (51308 bytes)   16.jpg (44028 bytes)
1904 James H Smith 3HP                                                                                1909 Phanmobile Trike 

21.jpg (51210 bytes)   20.jpg (50693 bytes)
1911 Wooler 2.75hp                                                                                                      1913 AJS 6hp V Twin 
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22.jpg (50797 bytes)   23.jpg (56496 bytes)
1913 AJS 350cc                                                                                   1914 500cc BSA



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