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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

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:: [ London To Brighton Commercial Vehicle Road Run -  May 2002 ] ::
BUSSES & FIRE ENGINES      (Vans & Lorries on Next Page)

A number of SVVS Members entered their vehicles in the 'HCVS London to Brighton Commercial Vehicle Road Run' and all seem to have got there. The usual bunch of SVVS voyeurs met up at Pease Pottage Services half-way halt to see them through and to feast on some most impressive machinery which is rarely seen outside the specialist Shows. Below is a general selection of photos of some participating vehicles in the Run taken by Tony Oakes and Bozi Mohacek at the Pease Pottage Services half-way halt. Please click on any thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading, and the page was sized to be viewed on an 800 x 600 setup.

lbc01.jpg (38712 bytes)  lbc02.jpg (48056 bytes)  lbc03.jpg (28912 bytes)  lbc04.jpg (156073 bytes)
  Attractive 1923 Leyland type SG7 Bus, just  restored and seen in public for the first time today.

lbc05.jpg (26808 bytes)  lbc06.jpg (22701 bytes)  lbc07.jpg (25707 bytes)  lbc08.jpg (28079 bytes)
          1909 Commer Car RC shooting Brake                            1921 AEC K Type Double Deck Bus

lbc09.jpg (31364 bytes)  lbc10.jpg (34641 bytes)  lbc11.jpg (21608 bytes)  lbc12.jpg (29053 bytes)
1913 Ford T Charabanc        1922 Ford TT Bus         1922 Ford TT Charabanc  1922 Maxwell Charabanc

lbc13.jpg (29969 bytes)  lbc14.jpg (27718 bytes)  lbc15.jpg (24128 bytes)  lbc16.jpg (28172 bytes)
   1929 Gilford AS6             1929 Chevrolet LQ          1929 Leyland Lioness       1930 Albion PMA28

lbc17.jpg (30280 bytes)  lbc18.jpg (31082 bytes)  lbc19.jpg (28242 bytes)  lbc20.jpg (34393 bytes)
  1931 Bedford Coach            1933 Dennis Dart          1939 Leyland Cheetah       1948 Daimler CVD 6

lbc21.jpg (21745 bytes)  lbc22.jpg (19439 bytes)  lbc23.jpg (29050 bytes)  lbc24.jpg (35704 bytes)
1951 Commer Avenger  1952 Leyland Royal Tiger  1953 Austro Fiat DT55  1954 AEC Regal 1.5 Deck

lbc25.jpg (22775 bytes)  lbc26.jpg (20421 bytes)  lbc27.jpg (35111 bytes)  lbc28.jpg (31811 bytes)
1955 AEC Reliance 470    1963 Leyland Tiger Cub         1961 AEC Routemaster Double Deck Bus

lbc29.jpg (29778 bytes)  lbc30.jpg (35187 bytes)  lbc31.jpg (34461 bytes)  lbc32.jpg (28357 bytes)
1914 Dennis N Pump      1919 Ford Model T Pump               1925 Austin 20/4 Pump / Escape 

lbc33.jpg (32567 bytes)  lbc34.jpg (34924 bytes)  lbc35.jpg (25608 bytes)  lbc36.jpg (28143 bytes)
1936 Dennis Ace Pump    1939 Dennis New World   1919 Bedford RL Pump    (Left) 1921 Dennis N


lbw13.jpg (28511 bytes)  lbw14.jpg (29576 bytes)  lbw15.jpg (31183 bytes)  lbw16.jpg (28579 bytes)
lbw17.jpg (37259 bytes)  lbw18.jpg (26793 bytes)  lbw19.jpg (23453 bytes)  lbw20.jpg (28141 bytes)
lbw21.jpg (27076 bytes)  lbw22.jpg (25022 bytes)  lbw23.jpg (24790 bytes)  lbw24.jpg (25076 bytes)

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