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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ London To Brighton Commercial Vehicle Road Run -  May 2002 ] ::
VANS  & LORRIES      (Busses & Fire Engines on previous Page)

A number of SVVS Members entered their vehicles in the 'HCVS London to Brighton Commercial Vehicle Road Run' and all seem to have got there. The usual bunch of SVVS voyeurs met up at Pease Pottage Services half-way halt to see them through and to feast on some most impressive machinery which is rarely seen outside the specialist Shows.  Below is a general selection of photos of some participating vehicles in the Run taken by Tony Oakes and Bozi Mohacek at the Pease Pottage Services half-way halt. Please click on any thumbnail picture to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading, and the page was sized to be viewed on an 800 x 600 setup.

lbv01.jpg (23035 bytes)  lbv02.jpg (32058 bytes)  lbv03.jpg (23938 bytes)  lbv04.jpg (25661 bytes)
 1913 McCurd Box Van         1916 Ford T pickup      1921 Ford T Pantechnican    1924 Ford T 1 Ton.

lbv05.jpg (30222 bytes)  lbv06.jpg (29857 bytes)  lbv07.jpg (29480 bytes)  lbv08.jpg (24195 bytes)
          1925 Albion LB               1926 Renault OS      1928 Morris Commercial T1   1928 Chevrolet GMC

lbv09.jpg (29119 bytes)  lbv10.jpg (31617 bytes)  lbv11.jpg (30380 bytes)  lbv12.jpg (27666 bytes)
     1929 Albion LB 41              1929 Renault SG            1929 Dennis G 30cwt        1929 Commer 23GN

lbv13.jpg (34601 bytes)  lbv14.jpg (24541 bytes)  lbv15.jpg (25184 bytes)  lbv16.jpg (29119 bytes)
 1930 Guy ON Dropside        1932 Chevrolet LT         1935 Morris Commercial     (r)1936 Bedford WC

lbv17.jpg (26565 bytes)  lbv18.jpg (20593 bytes)  lbv19.jpg (28114 bytes)  lbv20.jpg (24703 bytes)
   (r) 1936 Albion FT3            1939 Guy Dropside      1949 Morris Commercial         1950 Bedford 0

lbv21.jpg (30482 bytes)  lbv22.jpg (27344 bytes)  lbv23.jpg (25110 bytes)  lbv24.jpg (22784 bytes)
1950 Seddon 5L Tipper          1950 Foden FG615        1952 Bedford OLBD    1967 Scammell Townsman

lbv25.jpg (38799 bytes)  lbv26.jpg (31282 bytes)  lbv27.jpg (33948 bytes)  lbv28.jpg (30110 bytes)
1923 Austin AB Light         1927 Morris Light Van      1927 Austin Heavy 12       1932 Moris Light Van
lbv29.jpg (29539 bytes)  lbv30.jpg (22097 bytes)  lbv31.jpg (31216 bytes)  lbv32.jpg (35219 bytes)
   1932 Steyer 40 N, only one believed surviving      1937 Jowett Dropside          1943 Fordson 7 V

lbv33.jpg (31395 bytes)  lbv34.jpg (31945 bytes)  lbv35.jpg (26547 bytes)  lbv36.jpg (31624 bytes)
   1938 Morris 8 Pickup       1951 Ford V8 Pilot             1953 Ford E494C Van      1956 Trojan 1 Ton Van


lbw01.jpg (29302 bytes)  lbw02.jpg (26366 bytes)  lbw03.jpg (26445 bytes)  lbw04.jpg (34220 bytes)
lbw05.jpg (28694 bytes)  lbw06.jpg (32229 bytes)  lbw07.jpg (31953 bytes)  lbw08.jpg (30519 bytes)
lbw09.jpg (24910 bytes)  lbw10.jpg (25730 bytes)  lbw11.jpg (28417 bytes)  lbw12.jpg (30901 bytes)

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