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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ SURREY VINTAGE VEHICLE SOCIETY - Events Calendar for 2010 ] ::
Please note that some locations may change as we will be trying out new venues.
Please check in the magazine before attending.

(2) Fri. 1st Jan. 10 Lunch BEEHIVE,            Woodhatch Informal New Year’s Day
(1) Weds 27th Jan.  Evening HAND IN HAND,       Box Hill Formal Lecture    R. Vince
- Fri. 19th  Feb. Evening SVVS DINNER,         Reigate  Reigate      Manor     Hotel
(1) Weds 24th Feb.  Evening HAND IN HAND,       Box Hill Formal Lecture  R. Bishop
Sunday 7th March Lunch SVVS TREASURE HUNT Organised by     Bob Drew
(VP) Sunday 14th March Lunch BLACK SWAN,         Ockham Informal  Social   Meeting
(1) Weds 31st March Evening HAND IN HAND,       Box Hill Formal Lecture  M.Gosset
(5) Sunday 11th  April Lunch BLACK HORSE,    Hookwood Informal   Social   Meeting
(1) Weds 28th April Evening HAND IN HAND,       Box Hill Formal Lect'r.   D Peacock
(4) Sunday 16th May Lunch PLOUGH,                Smallfield Informal   Social   Meeting
(6) Weds 26th May Evening SKIMMINGTON Ca.   Reigate Informal   Social   Meeting
(9) Sunday 13th June Lunch SURREY OAKS,    Newdigate Informal   Social   Meeting
(8) Weds 30th June Evening THE SIX BELLS,           Horley Informal   Social   Meeting
(7) Sunday 11th July Lunch Change: "Amberley Amble" Visit :   Amberley Museum
(10) Weds 28th July Evening THE PLOUGH,    Bletchingley Informal   Social   Meeting
- Sunday 15th August Lunch SVVS CLUB SUMMER PICNIC (Private;                  Horne)
(16) Weds 25th August Evening WATERMILL,             Dorking Informal   Social   Meeting
(11) Sat. 11th  Sept. All day REIGATE FESTIVAL   Tunnel All-comers  are   welcome
(3) Sunday 12th Sept. Lunch INN ON THE POND, Nutfield Informal   Social   Meeting
(1) Weds 29th Sept. Evening HAND IN HAND,       Box Hill Formal Lecture       B.Buss
(15) Sunday 10th October Lunch RED BARN,      Blidley Heath Informal   Social   Meeting
(1) Weds 27th October Evening HAND IN HAND,       Box Hill AGM    later Speaker  Bozi
(5) Sunday 7th Nov. Lunch BRIGHTON  VETERAN   RUN Black Horse      Hookwood 
(1) Weds 24th Nov. Evening HAND IN HAND,       Box Hill Annual        Quiz         Night
(1) Weds 15th Dec. Evening HAND IN HAND,       Box Hill Christmas    Social     Night
(2) Sat. 1st Jan. '11 Lunch BEEHIVE,            Woodhatch Informal  New Year’s Day

All winter meetings are normally formal talks given by specialist in their subjects and are held at the Hand-in-Hand on  Box Hill  starting at 8pm (1) . Summer meetings are generally informal and held at local hostelries mentioned above, and numbered appropriately on the map. As venues
 may change unexpectedly, please always check with the SVVS magazine before visiting.

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