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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.


:: [  S V V S Evening Meeting  -  The Plough & Furrow, Smallfield  -  August ] ::

Rapid onset of darkness heralded our last evening meeting of the season.  The following text is based on the SVVS Magazine report by Chris Cuss, and the photos were taken by Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen).  Being an autumn evening, photos were taken with very little light, so have been lightened for easier viewing.

01.jpg (43395 bytes)  02.jpg (44901 bytes)  03.jpg (46731 bytes)  04.jpg (42288 bytes)

At last a dry evening. After the wettest summer in living memory it was a joy to be able to spend an evening kicking tyres without getting damp in the process. The venue was a new one to the writer being the Plough in Smallfield, a little way to the east of Horley. It was very pleasant although the car park did get rather gridlocked as the evening wore on. Luckily there was another car park only yards away that accommodated the later arrivals. 

05.jpg (30455 bytes)  06.jpg (29744 bytes)  07.jpg (35168 bytes)  08.jpg (33107 bytes)

As so often happens there were more M.G.B.s than any other model. Roadsters were driven by Karen McBride, Alan Rothwell and a visitor. GT's belonged to Alan Pratt and another visitor. Staying with the Abingdon marque Tim Ralph brought his 1938 TA, Roger Chamberlain his 1948 TC and Colin Mulford his 1954 TF. The Alderton 1948 Y type saloon was also in attendance as was a late model 1275 c.c. Midget. The largest vehicle on show was a Rolls Royce Phantom III with the bonnet opened to show the complexity of its V 12 engine.

09.jpg (35911 bytes)  10.jpg (40065 bytes)  11.jpg (38672 bytes)  12.jpg (42124 bytes)

 Also V 12 powered was Peter Clark's Jaguar XJS coupe. Continuing with Jaguars we noted Peter Smithson's 1954 Jaguar XK120 roadster and Peter Clark s 1970 55100 replica. Older post-war cars included the chairman's Rover 110, Colin Fytche's 1953 Austin Somerset saloon and, of similar vintage, Bill Ray's Jowett special. Of indeterminable vintage were the Citroen powered Avion tri-car owned by David Cox and the Hillman based hot-rod belonging to Graham Appleyard. Younger cars were David Ralph's 1963 Sprite mark II and Drew Adams' 1967 Triumph Vitesse convertible. 

13.jpg (42881 bytes)  14.jpg (29529 bytes)  15.jpg (42513 bytes)  16.jpg (34390 bytes)

Continuing with pre-war cars we noted Chas Moody's 1928 Morris Cowley saloon, John Kirkby's 1924 11 h.p. Humber, Desmond Peacock's 1921 Amilcar type CC, Bruce Glover's 1928 Lea Francis 12/50 tourer Jon Quiney's 1940 Triumph Dolomite, Tony Tester's 1929 Chrysler 75 and Mike Gorman's 1934 Morris 10/4.

17.jpg (47157 bytes)  18.jpg (34343 bytes)  19.jpg (37085 bytes)  20.jpg (36277 bytes)

The well known Mr. Mohacek displayed his delightfull 1932 Rolls Royce 20/25 shooting brake painted in a fetching shade of Wall's Ice cream. Rileys were represented by Tim Brown's well used 1930 9 h.p. tourer, recently returned from a French trip, and of similar power and age was John Manvers' Monaco saloon. Brian Lloyd Jacob brought his 1935 Lynx tourer and Robin Vince exercised his just-back-on-the-road 16/4 Kestrel saloon. C

21.jpg (25347 bytes)  22.jpg (37514 bytes)  23.jpg (31444 bytes)  25.jpg (30294 bytes)
Visiting vehicles from this era were a Ford Capri, a Mercedes SL coupe and a Triumph Spitfire. Finally coming bang up to date but generations apart design-wise were the Morgan 4/4 owned by Michael Harvey and the Lotus Elise belonging to Graham Whyte. So the rather soggy summer season thankfully ended with an excellent turnout on a fine night. However despite the weather most of our members have been out and about enjoying their cars. Let us hope that 2008 will be drier, especially on the last Wednesdays.

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