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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

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SVVS at the Red Barn, Blindley Heath

   :: [SVVS Lunchtime Meet - Red Barn, Blindley Heath - October, 2012] ::
Our last outside mid-month meeting of the year and the weather was kind to us despite the forecast. It was a bright sunny day and we a reasonable turnout of some 20 cars. We had been joined at this meeting by a few members of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, from Brooklands, but their turnout was a bit meager.  It seems that MG Car club was also using the Pub as a watering-hole on one of their runs so there was much interesting  classic  machinery  in the very full car park. 

SVVS at The Star, Lingfield

    :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - The Star, Lingfield - September 2012] ::
This was a return to The Star after a few years of absence and resulted in a very good turnout of some 28 proper cars, and few moderns. The Star is under new management and by all accounts there were no significant grumbles about the service or the food, both of which were the reason for us stopping coming here. Quick chat with the acting manager suggested we did not create them any major problems which is nice as we seemed to had almost completely taken over the car park.

SVVS at the Reigate Tunnel National Heritage Day

   ::[ SVVS at Reigate Tunnel Historic Car Display - September 2012 ]::
The SVVS was again invited by the Reigate Business Guild to display our vintage and classic vehicles in old Tunnel Road above the Reigate Sand Caves in the support of the National Heritage Open Day Scheme. Our vehicles created quite a bit of interest in Tunnel Road, so many thanks to all SVVS members who attended. Thanks also to Reigate Business Guild for providing a bottle of wine to each entrant. Thanks especially to  Chas Moody and Tony Russell  who organised the event for the SVVS.

SVVS at the Three Horseshoes, Siddlow

:: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - Three Horseshoes, Sidlow  - August 2012 ] ::
Rapid onset of rain and darkness heralded our last evening meeting of the season. We had returned to the Three Horseshoes after a number of years of absence to find most of our gripes resolved. There is now a brand new fully tarmaced carpark, plus an overflow car park, and relatively good lighting which is needed for an evening meeting.  We were rewarded with a good turnout which might have been even better  had  it  not  been the  2012  Paralympic  Opening  Ceremony  on  the TV.

SVVS Summer Picnic, Betchworth

      :: [ The Great SVVS Summer Picnic - Betchworth - August 2012 ] ::
The Great SVVS Summer Picnic was held in a field at Royce Motors in Betchworth. Despite the BBC weather forecast promising wall-to-wall sunshine, and hottest day of the year, directly on arrival we were greeted by almighty spectacular flashes of lightning and by a deafening thunderstorm with stairrod rain deluge. Same as last time we came. Fortunately the clouds cleared just as quickly as they had arrived and sun  shone brightly  for the rest of  the afternoon.  Some  25 cars  came.

SVVS at the Plough, Bletchingley

   :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - The Plough, Bletchingley - July 2012] ::
The Plough has recently been re-branded and is now Chef & Brewer. The pub is on the A25 with lots of passing traffic and when the weather is fine the Plough draws our best, or second best, attendance of the year. They normally remember, when remained, to cut the meadow of the grassy knoll beside the pub to accommodate our cars which then fill it and overflow into the car park. The hot rod brigade, which are nothing to do with us, also seem to regularly join us  which swells  the  numbers.

SVVS at the Brooklands Museum

     :: [ SVVS Visit to Brooklands at the invitation of JEC - July 2012] ::
Our Member Peter Clark is also the past Chairman of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, Surrey Region, who meet at the Brooklands Motor Museum. Just like last year the JEC Regional Committee invited the SVVS to join them at their Thursday July meeting to display their cars along with JEC Jaguars. Peter arranged for both sets of club members to have a wander in the car, the motorcycle and the bicycle museums and afterwards to retire to the splendid old Brooklands "Members Bar".

SVVS visit to the RAF Museum, Hendon

            :: [ SVVS Coach Trip to RAF Museum Hendon  - July 2012] ::
Our Summer Saunter had been long in planning and was our first coach outing for a number of years. The visit was intended to be Shuttleworth Military Pageant Airshow but on arrival we were told it was cancelled due to a serious 'incident'. After some discussion it was decided to visit instead the RAF Museum at Hendon. And what a wonderful choice it was. Not only was the entry free but it turned out that it was practically impossible to have lunch and to see the whole site in one day,  so much!

SVVS not visiting Shuttleworth !

    :: [ SVVS Coach Trip to Shuttleworth Airshow Pageant  - July 2012] ::
Our visit to the 2012 Shuttleworth Airshow had been long in planning and was our first coach outing for a number of years. On arrival we were told not to come in, that there had been an 'incident', that the show was cancelled and that we would have to leave. We were allowed to use the loo facilities before going but had to be off site in 15 minutes. Some of us therefore took the opportunity to rush round the hangars looking at what would have been on offer,- and took some quick pickies.

SVVS at the Six Bells, Horley

     :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - The Six Bells, Horley - June 2012 ] ::
An old world pub situated at the end of a narrow lane, adjacent to a church yet within sight of Gatwick Airport and Gatwick hotels. There were tables behind the pub on a lawn that ran down to the River Mole. Another bonus for us was that the car park had space for about 150 cars so for once we did not cause parking chaos. The inside of this establishment is very 'themed' with pine furniture and the height of bar ceiling  caused  discomfort  for our less  vertically challenged  members.

SVVS at Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

    :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Surrey Oaks, Newdigate - June 2012] ::
If one were looking nominate a timeless English country pub then the Surrey Oaks in Newdigate would be high on the list. With its low beams-ouch-rambling layout, pleasant garden and variety of real ales, there can be no better place to while away a summer's afternoon. Weather at this venue is  normally quite good or brilliant but this time light rain put a damper on the day.  This also seems a popular place for unveiling new cars; an interesting Baby Railton appears built on a Standard 10 chassis.

SVVS at the Skimmington Castle

 :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - Skimmington Castle, Reigate - May 2012 ] ::
Perhaps it is time of year, but the Skim continues to be popular as ever.  Our unofficial stewards had once again ensured that no moderns crept into our half of the car park, and we ensured that we prevented all moderns coming in by occupying most of the other half. As usual the Skim was one the best  turnouts of the year,  but as usual  not all the cars were  ours. the Skimmington Castle is a pleasant olde worlde pub hidden  up a  bumpy lane  off  Reigate Heath  with  good beer  and  food.

SVVS at the Plough & Furrow, Smallfield

 ::[SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Plough & Furrow, Smallfield - May 2012]::
It seems as if our Members are beginning to find the Plough & Furrow in Smallfield because the turnouts are getting better. This time we had a quite a fair selection of 18 vehicles including the return to the road of the Chairman's Citroen 5CV, and the Hon Auditors Humber Snipe. However the Chairman's Citroen only just got out of the car park on the way back and died ignominiously. Mrs Chairman had to get the LandRover to tow him home which is fortunately less than a mile away!

Jubilee Big Band Concert, Church Farm, Horne

        :: [ SVVS at the  Jubilee Big Band  Concert,  Horne - May 2012 ] ::
SVVS Members attended the Midsummer Big Band Concert at Church Farm in Horne beside the lovely St. Mary's Church. The concert was in aid of church funds and attendance was open to the general public. Overall some 300 people came and enjoyed a pleasant evening listening to a raunchy big band 'The Milestones', while sitting beside the farm pond, watching the sun go down,  and having a lovely picnic. Real Ale Bar and a Barcecue was provided.  Some 16 SVVS 'proper' cars present.

Black Horse, Hookwood

    :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Black Horse, Hookwood - April 2012 ] ::
Black Horse being quite early in our calendar tends to be before most of our proper cars come out of the winter mothballs. It used to be the tradition that we would park on the grassy knoll and this year our Publicity Officer had done his bit so the grass had been cut. However not many ventured onto it because the entrance is very small and guarded by two mighty very narrow gateposts. We had 16 proper cars turn out,  including one a potential new member in a Rolls Royce 20/25. 

Cock Inn, Headley

     ::[ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - The Cock Inn, Headley - March 2012 ]::
Second visit in two weeks, the previous weekend was the lunch following the Treasure Hunt. Rained cats and dogs! This time, lovely day, decent weather, good turnout. Seventeen proper cars and a few in moderns who did not believe the weather forecast, - hardly surprising. The Cock Inn is a lovely place run by a mother and daughter team but seems to be very much Sunday lunchtime eatery with lots of full tables and waiters. Bit  slow  on the food service.  Mandatory to  book  a table.

SVVS Dinner at the Reigate Manor Hotel

     :: [ SVVS Dinner - Reigate Manor Hotel, Reigate - February 2012 ] ::
Reigate Manor Hotel was again the venue for the 2012 Annual SVVS Dinner and was attended by a smashing turnout of over 100 people. Not much could be faulted with the quality of the meal and the efficiency of the service, or the value to the Members! We were lucky enough to obtain the services of our own Michael Doughty as the Guest Speaker who gave a wonderful talk on owning a violin factory in China ! All the proceeds of our Raffle then went to his chosen charity  Music for Youth. 

New Year's Day at the Beehive, Woodhatch.

 :: [ New Year's Day Lunchtime - Beehive, Woodhatch - January 2012 ] ::
Our first meeting of the year took place again at the Beehive. The New Year dawned overcast, damp, rainy and windy, so the turnout of older vehicles in the car park was expected to be low. However, sixteen determined members took their steeds out, as well as fair-weather Members who came in moderns and hid them round the back in embarrassment. Kicking of tyres in the carpark was relatively minimal and we consumed most of the pub's lunches  as the wives had a day off.

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