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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

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Please  click on the  picture  or on  the section heading  to be taken to the fully detailed  Event Page. Normal formal internal evening meetings would NOT be described here. These are 
only outside meetings.

SVVS Christmas Social at the Jolly Farmer Horne

   :: [ SVVS Christmas Social - Jolly Farmer, Horne - December 2013 ] ::
The event that brings the year to a close continues to be a great success. The Christmas Social is get-together to which ladies can come along with their husbands without having either to listen to boring talks on old cars or having to stand in drafty car parks watching husbands kicking tyres. Superb buffet was laid on by the pub with brilliant choice of food. Quantity was more than adequate with some left over!! Much chat  and  great fun  was had  by all,  -  with turnout of some  60  people.

SVVS at the Red Barn, Lingfield

   :: [SVVS Lunchtime Meet - Red Barn, Blindley Heath - October, 2013] ::
This was not an inspiring last outdoor meeting of the year because it promised and did really bucket down with cats and elephants. This meant that the turnout was initially ONE. The car park was flooded and resembled a lake, and there was no possibility of getting to the pub without getting the shoes thoroughly soaked. The Chairman's XJS was eventually joined by Hon Treasurer's Commutamerc, and much later by the intrepid & very soaked Tony Tester with his topless Chrysler Hotrod.

Very Few SVVS at the Star, Lingfield

  :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - The Star, Lingfield - September 2013] ::
Three Mohaceks turned up in two cars, the Citroen 5CV and the Midget, to find Messers Derrick Graham lunching and being entertained by Tony Oakes who had come in the Humber, and then left. Messers Brian Rice then came in the Spitfire and soon after came another Sprigit of Messers Norman Conrad who joined the select table in the bar and waited for their lunch. Before everybody went home quite early we were joined by John Chapman in a Volkswagen. Underwhelming turnout!

SVVS at the Reigate Tunnel

    ::[ SVVS at Reigate Tunnel Historic Car Display - September 2013 ]::
The SVVS was again invited by the Reigate Business Guild to display our vintage and classic vehicles in old Tunnel Road above the Reigate Sand Caves in the support of the National Heritage Open Day Scheme. Our vehicles created quite a bit of interest in Tunnel Road, so many thanks to all SVVS members who attended. Thanks also to Reigate Business Guild for providing a bottle of wine to each entrant. Thanks especially to Tony Russell  who ran the event for the    SVVS,  with Chas Moody away.

SVVS at the Sissinghurst Country Fair supporting the Air Ambulance

    :: [ SVVS at the Sissinghurst Country Fair, Kent  - September 2013] ::
There was no better way to spend the first day in September than to bring the car to the Sissinghurst Country Fair and Sheep Dog Trials at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent. All proceeds went to the "Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance", whom the SVVS has supported at the 2007 SVVS Dinner. The helicopter made a very dramatic entrance by swooping dramatically across the field to park in the car park, but left a short time later as it was needed in earnest at a nearby road accident !!

SVVS at the Three Horshoes, Sidlow

:: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - Three Horseshoes, Sidlow  - August 2013 ] ::
Rapid onset of rain and darkness heralded our last evening meeting of the season. We have been returning to the Three Horseshoes after a number of years of absence and found most of our gripes resolved. There is now a brand new fully tarmaced carpark, - no more darkness to hide invisible deep puddles to soak our socks, - plus a dry overflow car park, and relatively good new lighting which is needed for an evening meeting.  We  were rewarded  with a  very good  "end of term turnout".

SVVS Summer Picnic, Church Farm, Horne

         :: [ SVVS Summer Picnic - Church Farm, Horne - August 2013] ::
The Great SVVS Summer Picnic was held  again  this year at  Church Farm,  Horne, at the invitation of Julie and Bozi Mohacek. Nearly 100 Members attended, most coming in their Veteran, Vintage or Classic vehicles. All were welcomed as usual with a glass of wine and a hot dog. The SVVS was joined this year by members of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. After the picnic, with the help of Tony Oakes, Julie Mohacek prepared a  Quiz  based on observation the  next-door Church  and area.

SVVS Evening Meeting at the Plough in Bletchingley

    :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - The Plough, Bletchingley - July 2013] ::
The Plough has recently been re-branded and is now Chef & Brewer. The pub is on the A25 with lots of passing traffic and when the weather is fine the Plough draws our best, or second best, attendance of the year. They normally remember, when remained, to cut the meadow of the grassy knoll beside the pub to accommodate our cars which then fill it and overflow into the car park. The hot rod brigade, which are nothing to do with us, also seem to regularly join us  which swells  the  numbers.

SVVS at the Brooklands Museum

     :: [ SVVS Visit to Brooklands at the invitation of JEC - July 2013] ::
Our Member Peter Clark is also the past Chairman of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, Surrey Region, who meet at the Brooklands Motor Museum. Just like last year the JEC Regional Committee invited the SVVS to join them at their Thursday July meeting to display their cars along with JEC Jaguars. Peter arranged for both sets of club members to have a wander in the car, the motorcycle and the bicycle museums and afterwards to retire to the splendid old Brooklands "Members Bar".

SVVS Summer Saunter to Penshurst Place, Kent

     :: [ SVVS Summer Saunter to Penshurst Place, Kent  - July 2013] ::
The sun shone brightly on 25 SVVS members and friends who set out in 11 cars from the White Hart in Godstone to saunter to Penshurst Place, to be joined by a further 6 people in 3 cars. A day's horse ride from London, this stately home of Viscount De L' Isle has been owned by the Sidney family since 1552. We opted for the shady trees lining the Penshurst Place car park rather than the parking area they had kindly designated for as this was in full sunshine and would clearly remain so.

SVVS at the St Catherines Hospice Music Festival

          :: [ SVVS at the St Catherines Concert,  Horne - July 2013 ] ::
A number of SVVS Members attended the Midsummer Music Festival at Church Farm in Horne which was entirely organised by the Burstow Friends of the St Catherine's Hospice in Julie and Bozi's grounds. Approximately 200 people came, many arriving late. Music was by a very capable band called  Atlantis  which played just the right blend of music for those present, and got 'poppier' as the darkness set in. The concert was in aid of St. Catherine's Hospice and over 2500 was raised.

SVVS at the Six Bells, Horley

     :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - The Six Bells, Horley - June 2013 ] ::
An old world pub situated at the end of a narrow lane, adjacent to a church yet within sight of Gatwick Airport and Gatwick hotels. There were tables behind the pub on a lawn that ran down to the River Mole. Another bonus for us was that the car park had space for about 150 cars so for once we did not cause parking chaos. The inside of this establishment is very 'themed' with pine furniture and the height of bar ceiling  caused  discomfort  for our less  vertically challenged  members.

SVVS at Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

    :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Surrey Oaks, Newdigate - June 2013] ::
If one were looking nominate a timeless English country pub then the Surrey Oaks in Newdigate would be high on the list. With its low beams-ouch-rambling layout, pleasant garden and variety of real ales, there can be no better place to while away a summer's afternoon. Weather at this venue is  normally quite good or brilliant and this time again no rain put a damper on the day.  This also seems a popular place for unveiling new cars; a couple of Hotrods and what seemed to be a Model T Special.

SVVS at the Skimmington Castle, Reigate Heath

 :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - Skimmington Castle, Reigate - May 2013] ::
Skimmington Castle is just off Reigate Heath  with  good beer  and food. Perhaps it is time of year, but the Skim continues to be as popular as ever.  This time we appear to have clashed with the pub's quiz night so the car parking was at a premium. We again tried to ensure that no moderns crept into our half of the car park, but our latecomers had to find space in the other half. As usual the Skim was one the best  turnouts of the year so far,  but as usual  not all the old cars were  ours.

SVVS at the Plough & Furrow, Smallfield

 ::[SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Plough & Furrow, Smallfield - May 2013]::
We always seem to get good weather at the Plough & Furrow in Smallfield despite it being early on in the outdoor season. The SVVS turnout was not too bad with a reasonably fair selection of 16 vehicles. The attendances however, seem to always fluctuate and many of the local regulars and most of the Committee were not present. The Chairman made the arduous journey of just over one mile in his Citroen 5CV,  and to his enormous relief,  did not as last year need towing back. 

SVVS Treasure Hunt

      :: [ SVVS Treasure Hunt &  Black Horse, Hookwood - April 2013 ] ::
The 2013 Treasure Hunt was moved to April and combined with the regular April pub meet at the Black Horse in Hookwood with the hope that more Members would join the Treasure Hunt. The day was absolutely glorious with blue skies and no rain or snow. We met up at the Redhill Aerodrome and then paid a non-competitive visit to a number of local villages. We re-assembled at the Black Horse in Hookwood where we met few other SVVS cars out for the Sunday meet. 

SVVS at the Cock Inn, Headley

     ::[ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - The Cock Inn, Headley - March 2013 ]::
This must have been the worst attended Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society Meeting ever as not one single Vintage car was there. Our Publicity Officer explained his attendance to the other two Committee Members who were standing in the howling wind and pouring rain, " This either shows total dedication to the Society, ... or total lunacy! " The only car present that is mentioned in our Vehicle Register, and then only under the  'interesting younger vehicles'  category, was Chairman's 1984 XJS. 

SVVS Dinner at the Reigate Manor Hotel

     :: [ SVVS Dinner - Reigate Manor Hotel, Reigate - February 2013 ] ::
Reigate Manor Hotel was again the venue for the 2013 Annual SVVS Dinner and was attended by a smashing turnout of 100 people. Not much could be faulted with the quality of the meal and the efficiency of the service, or the value to the Members! We were lucky enough to obtain services of Ruby Cole of the National Trust as the Guest Speaker, who gave a lovely talk with slides on the work of the Surrey Hills team, responsible for the Leith Hill area and the various flora and fauna there.

New Year's Day at the Behive

 :: [ New Year's Day Lunchtime - Beehive, Woodhatch - January 2013 ] ::
New Years Day 2013 was a bright, dry, sunshiny day, which made it quite a change from the deluges and storms and floods that preceded it. Thirteen cars attended the now traditional New Year's Day meet at the Beehive in Reigate and one of the annexes was packed with SVVS Members consuming lunches in what was otherwise relatively empty pub. Glorious sunny day, lovely grub, nice real ales and right jovial company seemed the  right way  to commence another SVVS New Year. 

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