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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

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  :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - The Star, Lingfield  - October 2006 ] ::
New date for the visit to this venue. Glorious sunny day with large turnout of proper cars which filled the car park to overflowing. We were visited by the local Conservative Member of Parliament Peter Ainsworh who lives opposite and who is very active in the area. We even persuaded him to give us a formal talk at one of our winter evenings. A number of new cars were present at the meeting including two Lotuses.

  :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Inn o/t Pond, Nutfield  - Sept. 2006 ] ::
New date for the visit to this venue. Some 25 proper cars lined up in the car park of the above-mentioned hostelry adjacent to Nutfield marsh. Many repaired indoors to await their Sunday lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, followed by enjoying a plate of fruit crumble. The weather was fine so a number of member families sat outside in the nice autumn sunshine. The rest hung onto their drinks kicking old tyres.

  ::[ SVVS at Reigate Tunnel Historic Car Display - September 2006 ]::
The SVVS was again invited by the Reigate Business Guild to display our vintage and classic vehicles in old Tunnel Road above the Reigate Caves in the support of the National Heritage Open Day Scheme. The event was held in conjunction with the Cave Society. The weather was nice to us again and resulted in a larger than normal turnout of Members. Our attendance was again front page articles and photos in the local press! 

  :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - The Plough, Smallfield - August 2006] ::
Rapid onset of darkness heralded our last evening meeting of the season.  It was suitably well attended by 32 of our 'proper cars' at a venue that is new to us. In fact so many came that we had to overflow into the adjacent car park. The 'Plough & Furrow', as it is now called, has been extensively restored and has quite a modern feel to it. It saw the return of the Mohacek 1921 Citroen 5CV magnetoless for many months.

      :: [ SVVS Summer Picnic - Church Farm, Horne - August 2006] ::
The Great SVVS Summer Picnic was held this year on a pleasant day at a very rural location of Church Farm beside the rather lovely St Mary's Church in Horne. As usual free drinks greeted the Members on arrival and this time hosts Julie and Bozi also provided Hotdogs. A few minutes of drizzle did not spoil what was otherwise a lovely day, which finished off in driving tests, and airrifle target shooting,  won by Julian Alderton.

   :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - The Plough, Bletchingley - July 2006] ::
The ever-popular meeting at the Plough on the A25 in the village of Bletchingley is one of our best attended meetings. Brief count of eligible cars was over 70 although only some 50 were in our Register. A very successful evening. Thankfully the rain kept off this year although thunderstorms had been threatened. The day's heat had been so intense that many members opted for 'moderns',  -  with cool air-con.

  :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Surrey Oaks, Newdigate - July 2006] ::
If one were looking nominate a timeless English country pub then the Surrey Oaks in Newdigate would be high on the list. With its low beams-ouch-rambling layout, pleasant garden and variety of real ales, there can be no better place to while away a summer's afternoon. Clive Bracey introduced us to his newest pozermobile, a sporting Bentley with competition history, -  and David Ralph to  diminutive 6HP 1904 Wolsey.

       :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - The Six Bells, Horley - June 2006 ] ::
This turned out to be one of the strangest meetings. On arrival we found that the pub was closed due, it was said, to the tills being out of order. Rumours then went around that the true cause was a massive police presence earlier in the day when they arrested the chef as being suspected of murdering the model Sally Ann Bowman in Purley at the end of last year. Notwithstanding we went to Tesco, and got some beer.

 :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - Skimmington Castle, Reigate - May 2006 ] ::
As is traditional, our summer evening season started with a visit to the Skimmington Castle, a pleasant olde worlde pub hidden on Reigate Heath. The landlord had once again ensured that no moderns crept into our half of the car park, and we ensured that we prevented all moderns coming in by occupying the other half as well by having the best turnout ever at the Skim. The news got out, and possibly not all cars were ours.

   :: [ Wednesday Wander to Bluebell Railway & Outwood - May 2006 ] ::
A number of  SVVS Members, and others, took a day off to spend a fascinating day driving their ancient machinery from Godstone to the Bluebell Railway where they had lunch on the train. Tea was had later at Outwood Cricket Club. Weather in parts was pretty foul. A number of participants had problems including our Tony Oakes who conked out and had to be trailored home even before getting to the Bluebell Railway.

      :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Black Horse, Hookwood - May 2006 ] ::
Some 15 members came to the lunchtime meeting at the Black Horse to enjoy the first of our Sunday 'Summer Season' outside meetings. New restrictive barrier has been installed on entry to the lawn which proved a challenge for the taller wider cars. A greater challenge occurred to Terry Mistry who on attempting to leave after lunch broke the clutch, needed pushing, remaining immobile until the breakdown truck arrived.

          :: [ SVVS at the Blindley Heath Country Show - May 2006 ] ::
The event took place over two days at Osney Lodge Farm and included a Real Ale Bar, Pig on a Spit, Ferret Racing, the Surrey and Burstow Hunt, Birds of Prey Display, Dog Agility Display and a total of some 60 Trade Stands. It was the first time this event had taken place and hence it was not overly packed. SVVS were generally notable by their absence although Messrs Wright, Drew, Gosset and Mohacek did make a visit.

  :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Red Barn, Blindley Heath - April 2006 ] ::
This was a change to the scheduled venue because the Plough in Smallfield was being refurbished. The weather was dry but very fresh and the turnout was relatively low with only about a dozen proper vehicles attending. We did however seen a new-to-the-club Bogward Isabella and a recently rebuilt Kawasaki 250. Simon Mohacek also turned up with his new MG Midget but was late so not photographed.

      :: [ SVVS Dinner - Reigate Hill Hotel, Reigate - February 2006 ] ::
The Annual SVVS Dinner was held at the Reigate Hill Hotel and was again a great success having been attended by over 110 Members. The highlight of the evening was the speech given by 'mature novice lady pilot' who in her mid fifties decided to undertake to learn to fly and pass all the relevant exams which would have daunted many a younger person. A most amusing talk with many very hair-raising anecdotes. 

 :: [ New Year's Day Lunchtime - Beehive, Woodhatch - January 2006 ] ::
Our first meeting of the year took place again at the Beehive. The weather was a bit damp and drizzly so kicking of tyres in the carpark was minimal. We again took up over half of the carpark with proper vehicles while many others came in moderns. We were also responsible for the consumption of most of the pub's cooked lunches as many of the 40+members took the opportunity to give the wives a Sunday off. 

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