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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting  - The Wattenden Arms, Kenley - May 2002] ::

The new SVVS 'Summer Season' commenced again this year at the historic Wattenden Arms in Kenley near the famous wartime Aerodrome. The following text and the photos are by Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading, and the page has been sized to be viewed on an 800 x 600 setup.

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The old  'RAF Station Kenley' is on the North Downs just south of Croydon and was together with Biggin Hill part of a ring of 'sector centres' used by the RAF to defended London and central England during 'The Battle of Britain'. Because of their importance, both were heavily bombed by the German Luftwaffe . In 1943 it became the base of the RCAF Canadian 'Kenley Wing' flying Spitfire Mk Vs. Today suburban housing is closing in on all sides of the old airbase. The main runway is still in reasonable repair and is still in regular use by local glider clubs. The taxi-ways and the lush green grass fields are used as a local park. Of the many hangars and other buildings that were part of the airbase, only the boarded-up Officers Mess still remains. In August 2000 a monument was erected on the north-west side of the field to commemorate the vital role RAF Kenley played in the war. The Wattenden Arms pub has a historic feel and was much in use by the wartime Airmen.

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The SVVS visit to Wattenden Arms was the first of the 'Summer Circuit'. Weather is normally not too good when we come here and this was no exception. It was cool and drizzly and hence, as usual, a rather low turnout. Historically the oldest Car present was Desmond Peacock's 1921 Amilcar CC. This is one of oldest Amilcars anywhere now resplendent with is newly refurbished engine. Adjacent was Tony Russell's Ford 7w who left early and promptly to return to welding up the floor of son Phillip's recently purchased ex Mohacek son Megasprogs Morris Minor Saloon.

wa09.jpg (30932 bytes)  wa10.jpg (33874 bytes)  wa11.jpg (30336 bytes)  wa12.jpg (30196 bytes)
Amongst the earliest to arrive were Messrs Picnic Organisers and the 1936 Morris 8 Tourer and were already ensconced in the Restaurant, as was Hon Editor Julian Alderton and the 1947 MG Y Saloon. Also early was Don Bingham in the 1933 Singer Le Mans Open 2 Seater Prototype. Don, now well into his retirement is manfully struggling to get to grips with the new fangled electronic computers and Internet. Hon Editor Alderton is still finding lots of excuses why not to bother. New to me was the early white 1963 MG Midget of Ron Smith, which was next to the trusty 1934 Mike Gorman Morris 10/4 Tourer. A couple of pozers came next; the white thing is the Clive Bracey 1950 XK 120 cheese grater, now with pooffy new seats, and the rather magnificent red thing is the Bozi Mohacek 5.3 litre 12 cylinder governed to 156mph M25 central reservation demolishment device.

wa13.jpg (31862 bytes)  wa14.jpg (31286 bytes)  wa15.jpg (41475 bytes)  wa16.jpg (30261 bytes)
Still looking gorgeous after its recent refurb was the David Lilley 1958 Jaguar Mk 8; what, no new project ? Also seemingly still sorted out was Mike Fay's1933 Armstrong Siddeley  LWB Saloon. Mike had just come from an autojumble victorious with two car manuals for which he had browbeaten the unfortunate seller to 25p each!!  Adjacent was the perfect Gordon Self 1924 Bentley Vanden Plas Tourer. Also smart and perfect as usual was the Don William's 1927 Trojan Droptail Tourer. 

wa17.jpg (25998 bytes)  wa18.jpg (26532 bytes)  wa19.jpg (35359 bytes)  wa20.jpg (33539 bytes)
I don't seems to have records of either of the MG B's, but I am reliably advised that the white 'Batmobile' is the unashamed daily transport of one Bruce Glover who having about four proper cars has no excuse for having arrived in it.  The last pickie is that of Hon Editor Julian Alderton who is a retired bomber pilot and came to this historic RAF Public House in full smart gear resplendant with squadron badges to upstage Hon Chairman, who however failed to make an appearance.

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