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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ New Year's Day Meeting - The Beehive, Woodhatch - January 2005 ] ::

The Beehive used to be as regular summer evening venue but the car park became too small to house us all. We returned last year for New Year's Day, which normally has a lower turnout, and got a nice welcome. Also there was no problems in getting a cooked lunch. Judging by the turnout this year the grub must have been good because most members were tucking in and the car park was full.  It is now again an 'official' event.  The following text is based on the SVVS Magazine report by Chris Cuss and the photos by Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). Pictures are sized to be viewed at 800 x 600.

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Once again our meeting at the Beehive in Woodhatch, just south of Reigate, on the A217, attracted a good number of proper motorcars as quite a few of our members started the New Year as they intend to go on by getting the old motor on the road. As often happens with lunchtime gatherings some members had to leave early and others arrived later. The onset of steady but light drizzle meant that those with open cars also left earlier than perhaps they would have done had the weather stayed dry. Quite a few members had opted for the comfort of a modern and whilst there were at least 20 proper cars outside there were more than 60 of our members crowded into the end of the bar reserved for us.

06.jpg (30773 bytes)  07.jpg (38342 bytes)  08.jpg (25540 bytes)  09.jpg (30726 bytes)

It was interesting to see several cars that do not often make our evening events. I made several trips to the car park armed with my tape recorder and noted two Bentleys; the delightfully original 1929 4 litre tourer owned by Ian Maclennan and the 1949 Mark 6 saloon belonging to Robert Pedler. Close to the pub entrance was the aluminium bodied 1950 Dellow Mark 1 driven by Nicholas Wollett alongside which was the red Ferrariesque device of Graham Capel. This latter vehicle caused some little head scratching of the 'is it or isn't it' variety and caused the Hon. Tres. to have to discretely tap the body, whereupon he pronounced it plastic. No problems identifying the 1952 Tickford bodied Healey owned by Chris Geary nor was there any trouble with the V12 Jaguar of Mr. Mohacek .Only one Morris put in an appearance, Bob Drew's white, somewhat modified, 1971 Minor 1000 saloon. Ian Todd had brought his 1929 works Aston Martin whilst Desmond Peacock chose the 1923 CS Petit Sport from his selection of three Amilcars. 

10.jpg (33780 bytes)  11.jpg (30088 bytes)  12.jpg (30308 bytes)  13.jpg (22109 bytes)

John Curtis brought his 1934 Alvis Speed 20 with Cross & Ellis coachwork. Bryan Goodman's 1913 12/16 sporting Sunbeam is always worth closer inspection although it was his 1900 Benz that made it into the December edition of Automobile. John Sheldrake was an early arrival in his NG four seater; Derek and Jacqui Wright opted for the comfort of their 'auntie' Rover 100 saloon. Both the M.G. owners and the Riley mob managed to produce three cars apiece. The former make was represented by Alan Rothwell's much travelled but always immaculate drophead B, the former editor Julian Alderton brought his Y type saloon and there was an early two-seater sports model that I believe to be Brian Daley's L type. The Coventry crew, all in 1-litre cars were Michael Brown in a 1937 Adelphi, John Manvers in a 1934 Falcon and the writer in a 1935 Kestrel. Bruce Glover arrived in his Triumph Stag, Harry and Barbara Scott in their 1924 Lancia Lambda and Will How in his post-war Lancia Appia saloon.

14.jpg (21052 bytes)  15.jpg (18590 bytes)  16.jpg (26426 bytes)  17.jpg (22625 bytes)

Looking around the crowded end of the bar we noticed our president Mike Erroll, Tony and Janet Russell together with their daughter, Bryan and Jennie Shepherd with Tony and Doreen Simmonds as well as Richard Clark and Don Bingham. Doubtless many more have been left out but until the government force us all to have to wear i.d. cards I have to rely on a failing memory. Thankfully cars have registration plates.

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