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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [ SVVS Lunchtime - The Inn on the Pond, Nutfield  - September 2006 ] ::

The following photos are by Bozi Mohacek. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of screen). 

Golf fans had the delight of watching Paul Casey win the World Matchplay championship at Wentworth, on what the commentator described as a perfect Indian summer's afternoon. The more discerning of us enjoyed wandering around the car park of the Inn on the Pond and admiring the selection of vehicles arrayed there. I listed 23 cars and one motorcycle of which 7 were vintage and 7 post vintage. For once the post-war cars were in the minority. 

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The oldest car present was the 1923 Amilcar CS belonging to Desmond Peacock. The second Amilcar, Bryan Goodman's Italian built CGS that he has now owned for 50 years, was three years younger. On this occasion Bryan was in the passenger seat whilst his elder son Simon was allowed a drive. Second oldest car present was David Smart's delightfully original 3 litre Bentley tourer. Another equally original Bentley was Ian Maclennan's 1929 4 litre. 

05.jpg (20023 bytes)  06.jpg (28024 bytes)  07.jpg (32724 bytes)  08.jpg (28834 bytes)

Bruce Glover arrived in his 1928 12/50 Lea Francis tourer shortly before David Woodburn's Star 12/40 of similar vintage with a full complement of passengers plus a motoring dog. The final vintage vehicle was the Douglas Dragonfly motorcycle ridden by Alan Reid. Tony Russell's 1937 Ford 7W drophead needs no introduction nor does the cream shooting brake on a Rolls Royce 20/25 chassis owned by web master and vehicle registrar Bozi Mohacek.  

09.jpg (32974 bytes)  10.jpg (29946 bytes)  11.jpg (33371 bytes)  12.jpg (26799 bytes)

Three 1 litre Rileys appeared. My 1935 Kestrel was parked alongside the 1936 Kestrel owned by our member from Italy, Stuart Owen. Those interested could decide whether the extra four inches in both width and length the later car gained was an improvement or not. Certainly the narrow track cars handle better but then I am slightly biased. Also on the narrow track chassis was the 1937 Falcon, belonging to Jon Mountain, that is just back from a lengthy refurbishment. A car that I do not remember having admired before was the 1934 Lagonda Rapier driven by Howard Palmer.  Another regular attendee at our meetings is Frank Hayter with his majestic Morris Oxford six cylinder saloon.

13.jpg (22777 bytes)  14.jpg (29898 bytes)  28.jpg (34432 bytes)  29.jpg (28699 bytes)

Chris Woods joined us as recently as April this year so I had not seen his rare 1947 Singer Roadster before. Another rare car noted was the left hand drive Jowett Javelin belonging to James Fisher. Peter Clark is another who joined this year with his 1967 NG and he has been a regular at meetings throughout the summer. Our chairman Derek, accompanied as always by Jacqui, brought his Rover 110 saloon. The Aldertons were in Thelma's 1947 M.G. Y type saloon, Karen McBride brought her yellow MGB roadster and I also noticed a late model Midget. Bob Drew arrived in his white Morris Minor and Mike Erroll in his pale blue Jaguar XK120. 

16.jpg (42444 bytes)  17.jpg (31588 bytes)  18.jpg (38741 bytes)  21.jpg (20167 bytes)

At the end of August Harry and Barbara Scott had driven to the Lancia centenary celebrations in Italy in their 1924 Lambda. On the return journey a spring had collapsed although they managed to limp home. The rear springs have now gone away to be fettled. Hence Barbara was driving her Alfa Romeo Spyder with Harry in the passenger seat. Hopefully Harry may write a few lines on the Italian trip for the magazine.

19.jpg (26915 bytes)  20.jpg (22339 bytes)  22.jpg (31923 bytes)  15.jpg (50477 bytes)

Some members ate outside in the sunshine in the company of a number of cyclists. Others preferred to eat in a cosy corner inside whilst some simply had a swift half before getting home to watch the golf or tackle the weekend chores.

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