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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

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Please  click on the picture or on  the section heading to be taken to the fully detailed  Event Page. Normal internal evening meetings would NOT be described here; - here are outside meetings.

The Coronavirus Pandemic which is playing havoc with large parts of the world  has resulted in the mandatory closure of pubs and clubs, and any venues where meetings can take place. The Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society Committee has been monitoring the situation closely from the very beginning and had instituted a partial shutdown before any intervention by the Government. The situation however, is now entirely out of our hands and we have therefore had no option but to advise that
It is anticipated that Government restrictions will tighten even further for the next few months and it is therefore prudent to assume that we will not be in a position, nor be allowed, to recommence activities for the time being. We are simply not in a position to even take a guess as to when normality will return because UK Government strategy is based on not having only one major epidemic peak, but a number of smaller peaks. We are currently anticipating that the majority of our planned Summer Events are not likely to occur. Please keep a regular eye on the SVVS Magazine and SVVS Website for updates on meetings restarting.

The Cycling Buds of May

:: [ The Cycling Buds of May - May 2020 ] ::
Coronavirus continues play havoc with our Events Programme by not allowing our normal meetings to take place. This however does not stop some of our Members taking their daily exercise while fully complying with the regulations. This month we continue the theme of 'cycling' with contributions from our 'cycling correspondent' Chas Moody and and our very own Tour De France cyclist Michel Gosset. Additional static passive non-exertion type of  information supplied by Chairman Bozi Mohacek.  

The FBHVC Drive-it-Day

:: [ The FBHVC Drive-it-Day - April 2020 ] ::
The Coronavirus also put paid to the FBHVC's annual Drive-it-Day in April when all owners of historic vehicles are normally encouraged to take them for a drive on the roads and publicize the popularity of our movement. The FBHVC encouraged all instead to take photos of their machinery and share them on Social Media. Many of our Members are of the elederly variety so were hankered down anyway and too old to know what this new fangled social media is. Instead, some sent photos to us. 

The Gambol Run

:: [ The Gambol Run, Smallfield - April 2020 ] ::
As Coronavirus had wiped out the entire SVVS Events Programme for the time being, I have been taking photos of what has been very much moving and running around without interruption here on the Farm. The lambing season was very much in progress and fields were filling up with noisy fluffy baaaing wooly bundles demanding constant attention. The Gambol Run 2020 was very much in progress ! There are a number of breeds at the farm and that is why not all sheep and lambs look alike.

Moody's Virtual  81st  Pioneer Motorcycle Run

    :: [ Moody's Virtual 81st Pioneer Motorcycle Run - March 2020 ] ::
The "Pioneer Run" is organised by the Sunbeam Motorcycle Club and has become one of the main events in the Veteran Motorcycle Movement, and draws a gathering of over 300  pre 1915 solos, sidecars and tricycles from all over the world, Regretfully due to the Coronavirus Epidemic it has had to be cancelled but this did not deteer our Memb Sec Chas Moody from taking out his fully fettled 1914 Triumph TT Roadster for a daunting run of 'one' in the beutiful spring flowered lanes of Surrey

SVVS Lunchtime Meeting at the Sportsman, Mogador

    :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Sportsman, Mogador - March 2020] ::
This venue is being visited for the second time, and the same thing happened as last year: it HAILED !! Maybe it is the time of the year or it being on a hill, but out from a dismally grey cloud it suddenly started deluging and hailing great chunks of ice. Also this year 'Coronavirus' was devastating China and Italy, and was rapidly spreading within Britain with a number of deaths. So not an overwhelming turnout was expected, nor got ! We had 10 Proper Cars,  and a number of moderns.

SVVS Lunchtime Meeting, Cock Inn, Headley

    :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Cock Inn, Headley - February 2020] ::
The Cock at Headley is our first outside meeting of the year so the weather can be pot luck. Yesterday was lovely sunny, warmish and dry. Just perfect for taking the dogs for a hike in the countryside. Last night, red and amber weather warnings. Today Storm Ciara was battering the whole of the UK, flooding complete towns, closing many roads, washing away railways, shutting down airports and cutting off power. Therefore quite surprisingly we did have ONE Proper Car navigate the fallen trees!

SVVS New Year's Meeting, Reigate

:: [ New Year's Day Lunchtime - Beehive, Woodhatch - January 2020 ] ::
New Year's Day 2019 was dull, grey and miserable but it was neither raining or snowing so winter-stored cars came out reluctantly without getting dirty or wet. or requiring major re-conservation. This resulted in a relatively reasonable turnout of 26 proper cars and a couple of moderns. Our ranks were swelled by a number of non-members who came with SVVS friends and preferred to join us rather than the scrum at Brooklands they experienced last year. Very Happy New Year to all !

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