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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

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Please  click on the picture or on  the section heading to be taken to the fully detailed  Event Page. Normal internal evening meetings would NOT be described here; - here are outside meetings.

SVVS Evening Meeting - The Bletchingley Arms

       :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - The Bletchingley Arms - July 2018] ::
The Plough re-branded Bletchingley Arms is on the A25 with lots of passing traffic and when the weather is fine it draws our best, or second best, attendance of the year. Weather this time was glorious, being the continuation of this year's heatwave of not having any rain whatsoever for over seven weeks.They had not cut the meadow of the 'grassy knoll' as the grass war brown and dying and the earth below was utterly solid and rock hard. 60 Members were present with 49 vehicles of interest.

SVVS  Visit the  Leigh Summer Fayre,  Leig

       :: [ SVVS  Visit the  Leigh Summer Fayre,  Leigh  -  July 2018] ::
Drivers in their classic and vintage cars assembled at the Plough in Leigh where the hostelry kindly provided Pimms and Sandwiches for the participants. Although not a formal SVVS event, at least eleven SVVS Member vehicles attended. Once fed and watered, participants drove in a parade to the Leigh Cricket Club ground a couple of miles away where there was a formal car display. Unliuke last year when rain poured down buckets, this year the event experienced a heat-wave and brown grass!

SVVS Visit to Brooklands at the invitation of Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

     :: [ SVVS Visit to Brooklands at the invitation of JEC - July 2018] ::
As has become traditional, the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, Surrey Region, invited the SVVS to join them at their Thursday July evening meeting at the Brooklands Motor Museum in Weighbridge to display their cars along with JEC's impressive Jaguars. The SVVS contributed eight suitable cars to the splendid gathering. We were again not able to visit the museum, so were parked in the famous enclosure adjacent to the Motor Village, and both retired to the very splendid Brooklands Club 'Members Bar'.

 SVVS supports 'United Against Dementia' Day, Horne

:: [ SVVS supports 'United Against Dementia' Day, Horne - July 2018] ::
Julie Mohacek is an active Volunteer for the Alzheimer's Society and is involved in their local fund raiding activities. Being the wife of the Chairman of the SVVS, she roped him and also some of the other Members of the SVVS to display their vehicles at the Alzheimer's Society's "Commemorative Vintage Celebration of 100 Years of Great Britain", held at Church Farm. Another volunteer has connections with the Motor Guzzi owners who also displayed some lovely motorcycles. 

SVVS Summer Saunter to Wings Museum, Balcombe

:: [ SVVS Summer Saunter to Wings Museum, Balcombe - July 2018] ::
he SVVS SUMMER SAUNTER is non competitive run into the countryside organised by our Hon Sec Malcolm Bailey and his wife Sheena. The destination is different every year but the start is generally in the Morrisons Car park in Reigate. This year the destination was The Wings Museum, near Balcombe, West Sussex RH17 6JT, a distance of 17 miles. A map of possible routes was provided and, for the enthusiasts, a Tulip Route! Fascinating gem of a Museum for all interested in RAF & WW2. 

SVVS attends HCVS Meeting at Jolly Farmer, Horne

:: [ SVVS attends HCVS Meeting at Jolly Farmer, Horne - July 2018] ::
he Historic Commercial Vehicle Society (HCVS), they of the Commercial London to Brighton Run, organised a "Bring Your Vehicle Evening" at the Jolly Farmer Public House in Horne. Many of our Members are also Members of the HCVS, including their Chairman Fraser Clayton. A number of other SVVS Members were there in vintage and classic cars, and a vintage van! Lots of lovely local ales in the pub and burgers and ice-creams outside. A well attended evening enjoyed by all who came.

 SVVS Evening Meeting - The Six Bells, Horley

       :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - The Six Bells, Horley - June 2018 ] ::
Themed olde-worlde pub situated at the end of a narrow lane, adjacent to a 14th century church on the banks of the meandering marshes of the river Mole yet within immediate sight of Gatwick Airport. Another bonus for us is that the car park has space for about 150 cars, so for once we do not cause parking chaos to a public house. Lovely hot weather so Chaiman came topless in the Citroen 5CV, pleasant evening, so good turnout of 43 interesting vehicles to view, and some moderns.

SVVS Lunchtime Meeting at the Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

 :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Surrey Oaks, Newdigate - June 2018] :: 
If one were looking nominate a timeless English country pub then the Surrey Oaks in Newdigate would be high on the list. With its low beams-ouch-rambling layout, pleasant garden and variety of real ales, there can be no better place to while away a summer's afternoon. Pub has changed ownership, car park much enlarged and packed. but fortunately all remains much as before. Beautiful warm sunny day so superb turnout of proper vehicles, 34 cars, hot-rod, and some moderns.

SVVS Evening Meeting at the Skimmington Castle, Reigate

 :: [ SVVS Evening Meeting - Skimmington Castle, Reigate - May 2018] ::
Skimmington Castle is just off Reigate Heath  with  good beer  and food. Normally The Skim is one of our best outside meetings of the year and parking can be at a premium. This time the weather was good, warm and sunny, and turnout was up on last year with a show of 45 vehicles, some perhaps new members? We again tried to ensure that no moderns crept into our half of the car park but the pub was packed when we arrived so there was not much space as it also had a couple of lorries!

SVVS Lunchtime Meeting at the Dog & Duck, Outwood

        :: [SVVS Lunchtime Meet - Dog & Duck, Outwood - May 2018 ::
Now a slightly later date for the outside visit to this venue which is our winter HQ. The refurb of the Dog & Duck has been great, it now has  new management, with lovely new  restaurant and good grub, so the place was absolutely  packed out, helped by our 24 proper cars including a number of moderns. Seems place for showing infrequently seen cars including Mr. Chairman using Mrs. Chairman's A 35 because his 1921 Citroen 5CV died on the way, trying to summit east face of Outwood Hill!

SVVS Treasure Hunt 2018

      :: [ SVVS Treasure Hunt &  Black Horse, Hook wood - April 2018 ] ::
The 2018 Treasure Hunt combines the regular April pub meet at the Black Horse in Hookwood, with the FHBC's Drive-it-Day. This Treasure Hunt was organised by last year's winners Christine and Ian Scott and started at their lovely home where they provided coffees and Bacon Butties! The  Hunt is a case of driving to a specified location, parking, and walking to find the answers to clues defined on the questionnaire. Winners were Liz and Bruce Glover, and second Sue and Peter Downing.

SVVS Dinner at the Reigate Manor Hotel

        :: [ SVVS Dinner - Reigate Manor Hotel, Reigate - April 2018 ] ::
Reigate Manor Hotel was again the venue for the 2018 Annual SVVS Dinner and was attended by 73 people. This was our 50th Anniversary so it was an important milestone in our history. Our Publicity Officer Tony Russell gaveng a pre-dinner talk on the formation and history of the SVVS. Later Guest Speaker Sergeant Tom Stimpson MBE gave an informative and moving speech on his experiences and subsequent mental problems following combat in  Afghanistan,  Falklands  and Iraq.

SVVS Lunchtime Meeting at the Plough & Furrow, Smallfield

 :: [SVVS Lunch Meeting - Plough & Furrow, Smallfield - March 2018]::
This is the second of our Spring meetings where we would well be into de-cobwebbing hibernating Vintage and Classic oldies and trying to forlornly find a vacant parking slot in the normally very busy Plough & Furrow car park. However the Mini Beast from the East had managed to shut down large chunks of Britain and the car park was deserted but for intrepid SVVS Members. The only proper car which actually made it was Chairman's XJS V12. The rest were Japanese,  apart from five Jaguars !

SVVS visit Surrey Oaks Breakfast Club, Newdigate

 ::[ SVVS visit Surrey Oaks Breakfast Club, Newdigate- February 2018]::
This is the venue for our normal June Lunchtime Meeting but the pub has recently introduced a Breakfast Club open to all Classic car and Bike owners; just turn up! They say "A social rendezvous for owners of classic and iconic cars and motorcycles with exclusive parking and breakfast; bacon rolls to epic one-pan full English with delicious coffee, a renowned specialty! It's an informal affair attracting a mix of vehicles from Surrey and Sussex, and taking place every 3rd Sunday monthly."

SVVS Lunchtime Meeting at the Cock at Headley

    :: [ SVVS Lunchtime Meeting - Cock Inn, Headley - February 2018] ::
The Cock at Headley is back in our programme after a couple of years following its sudden shut-down just before one of our due meetings there. Now under new management, the pub seems busier then ever with the car park and pub packed out with dining families. Weather was sunny but freezing and a few snowflakes fluttering. Needed gloves which I did not bring. Not a bad turnout with 20 cars, some moderns! Joined on the day by a new member with a 1938 Railton Little Fairmile.

SVVS New Year's Day Meeting at the Beehive, Woodhatch

:: [ New Year's Day Lunchtime - Beehive, Woodhatch - January 2018 ] ::
New Year's Day 2018 was a thoroughly wet day with locally flooded lanes which required use of Land Rover to get out and get there. Initially only one other SVVS car there, the Dodge. Heavy rain seemed to have discouraged most to come, and others to use moderns. Rain did subside a little so eventually three proper and six modern cars were found to have turned up. An interesting new vehicle was unveiled by Tony Tester being a Chrysler 70 part swapped for his old open Chrysler.

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