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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [  Ardingly Vintage Vehicle Show  - Ardingly, Sussex  -  July  ] ::

The Ardingly Show is not one that is noted in the SVVS calendar but is a Show that is attended by a number of our Members including Tony Oakes who took along his trusty Box Brownie and provided the following photos.  Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture and please note that the photo may take some 15 seconds to load. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of the screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading on the web so the definition is lower than that of a print,  and has been sized to be viewed on an  800  x  600  setup. The day was a bit wet and dark so some of the photos are a bit grainy.

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Tony advises that he saw Mike Gorman in the Bentley Mk 4, Frank Hayter in the Morris Oxford Six, saw Malcolm Bailey's Morris Minor but no Malcolm, saw the Gordon Self 1924 Bentley and saw the Peter Dingle Morris Oxford Tourer. He also said that the following were mentioned in the Catalogue but that he did not see them or their cars: Simon Bishop, David Cole, Mike Knowles, Charles Moody, Jon Quiney and Tony Russell. There may have been more and some others could have come on their motorbikes. There was a large Mortorcycle Section including Scooters and Combinations.

ar06.jpg (27266 bytes)    ar07.jpg (32276 bytes)     ar08.jpg (18276 bytes)     ar09.jpg (22971 bytes)     ar10.jpg (20520 bytes)

Some very interesting Steam Engines were there; a 1920 Fowler Showman's Engine, a 1915 Burrell Showman's Engine, a 1912 Fowler R Type Agricultural Engine, a 1930 Super Sentinel Dropside Waggon and a Super Sentinel Tipping Waggon and a couple of Foden C type Waggons of the mid twenties. In all, over 20 Steam Vehicles were exhibited. Lovely sight when in full steam.

ar16.jpg (36688 bytes)    ar17.jpg (33981 bytes)     ar18.jpg (39636 bytes)     ar19.jpg (35919 bytes)     ar20.jpg (42753 bytes)

There was a large Tractor Section which included Allis Chalmers, Bristol, British Anzani, Cletrac, David Brown, Eicher, Ferguson, Field Marshall, Fordson, International , Leroy, Nuffield, Pattison, Porsche, Suffolk, Waterloo Boy, Wheel Horse etc. Other Sections included Commercials, Busses, Fire Engines, Military Vehicles, Stationary Engines, Horticultural, as well as Model cars and boats.
ar11.jpg (28397 bytes)    ar12.jpg (26773 bytes)     ar13.jpg (31162 bytes)     ar14.jpg (27711 bytes)     ar15.jpg (30717 bytes)

The weather was not good for the event which took place on the Saturday and Sunday, and it rained on both days. Tony's snaps are of the Show in general and most cars shown do not belong to SVVS Members, but please enjoy the photographs as there are some quite interesting cars. 

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