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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.

:: [       Lingfield Steam and Country Show    -    Lingfield    -    August        ] ::

The Lingfield Steam & Country Show is one of the larger local vintage vehicle shows and takes place over a  Saturday and Sunday in early August. The following text is based on the SVVS Magazine report by David Cole. Photos are by Tony Oakes and Bozi Mohacek, who also supplied additional text. Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture and please note that the photo may take some 15 seconds to load. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of the screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading on the web so the definition is lower than a print, and been sized to be viewed on an 800 x 600 setup.

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Lingfield Steam Fair is held at Pond Farm in Lingfield and is the successor to the Redhill Steam Fair from where it moved a few years ago. Being a local vintage vehicle show it has been regularly attended by local SVVS Members.
Although covering a vide band of vehicles including cars, lorries, busses, fire engines, tractors and military vehicles, it has always been Steam that was the star of the show. Sadly, it seems the number of steam vehicles was well down on previous years . 

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Also very fascinating was the Military Vehicle section tucked away in a suitably rugged part of the showground next to a lake which  made it all very authentic. The Russian Rocket Transporter was really quite impressive and surely must get a look or two as it is driven along motorways or through the City of London to get to the show. The tractor unit seemed to be a genuine ZIL or a ZIS. 

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There was also a large section devoted to Busses and Coaches of all types, a section for some very interesting Fire Engines, lots on Lorries and Commercials and a few enclosures for Motorcycles. There was also a busy fun-fair, Association Stands, lots of trade stands and tool stands, and a small Autojumble section which included some barn-fresh motorcycles going for too much money.

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This was also the first year at the Lingfield venue that the SVVS had our own roped off area where we could proudly display our large SVVS banner.  In addition, there were no less than seven signs pointing the way to the enclosure. As a result it was doubtful that any of us had too much difficulty in finding the area allotted to us. We also had a block booking of passes which helped smooth the entrance arrangements and the later distribution of the commemorative plaques.

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On Saturday (photos above) the weather was fine, which was followed by heavy overnight rain. Sunday (photos below) was nevertheless also sunny which helped to dry out the tracks to the parking areas. We were therefore spared the mud that we have all experienced at these events from time to time. On both days the sun was quite glary which gave much hassle with camera settings, hence some photos are a bit grainy. Digitals don't seem to like bright contrasty sun.

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SVVS attendance was quite good. We had about 15 cars on each day, which included some non-members who were friends of members; needless to say they were supplied with membership application forms before they could escape. The following is a list, a bit alphabetical, of those attending although some cars came on one day, others on both days and some members brought different cars. It was nice to see wives, partners, sons, daughters and grandsons. Apologies for any omissions or mistakes.

Thelma Alderton; 1948 MG Y. Barry Baker; 1932 BSA T9 Tourer. Alan Benewith; 1936 Jowett Jason. Simon Bishop; 1925 Singer Tourer.  David Cole; 1933 Austin 10/4 2-seater and dickey. Peter Dingle; 1923 Morris Bullnose. Mike Erroll; 1928 Ford Model A. Mike Fay; 1933 Armstrong Siddeley.  Chris Geary; 1953 Alvis TA 21.  Mike Gorman; 1934 Morris 10/4 Tourer and 1951 Bentley saloon.  Frank Hayter; 1934 Morris Oxford.  Chris Hewitt; 1953 Triumph Renown.  Graham Martin; 1946 Standard and 1931 Standard. Trevor Mason; 1947 Rover 14.  Terry Mistry; 1947 Triumph Roadster.  Bozi Mohacek; 1921 Citroen C3 Cabriolet. John Mortimer; Model T Ford. Tony Oakes; Humber.  Alan Reid, Austin 7 Special.  Picnic King with a Morris 8 Tourer and 1946 MG TC. 

lf38.jpg (20554 bytes)  lf39.jpg (19474 bytes)  lf40.jpg (25421 bytes)  lf41.jpg (30016 bytes)

On Saturday, several of our cars paraded the ring but unfortunately Bozi was observed in his Citroen being towed back from the arena by Tony Oakes' Humber. A gaggle of S V V S. men surrounded the car offering advice and the problem was eventually thought to be in the carburettor. Monsieur Simon Bishop produced a paper clip which, when unfolded, made a good prodder, 'et voila', the jet was cleared, petrol flowed and, after more towing by the Humber, the Citroen showed good signs of life and managed to get home. Sunday also produced problems for Julian with the MG saloon; again suspected carburettor trouble, but as this involved the SU for which parts and expertise are readily available, it is hoped that by now the problems are things of the past. In spite of these mishaps, people appeared to have had an enjoyable day.

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