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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.


:: [ Edenbridge & Oxted Show - Ardenrun, Lingfield, Surrey - August Bank Holiday 2002] ::

If you require information on the Edenbridge & Oxted  Show, other than the Historic Vehicle Section, click here.. The Page below is devoted only to the Classic and Vintage cars which attended the show, and text refers specifically to those from the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society. For the full list of all exhibitors and for the year, make and the model of all the cars please click here..  Please click on any thumbnail picture below to see the full size picture and please note that the photo may take some 15 seconds to load. To return to the thumbnails please click the Explorer "Back" arrow (top left of the screen). Pictures have been prepared for speed of loading on the web so the definition is lower than that of a print,  and has been sized to be viewed on an  800  x  600  setup.  

eo002.jpg (24043 bytes)     eo003.jpg (27228 bytes)     eo004.jpg (31907 bytes)     eo005.jpg (30850 bytes)     eo006.jpg (30588 bytes)

This year’s Edenbridge & Oxted Show went off remarkably smoothly so there’s not much to report in the drama stakes. The weather was good on both days with no rain, so no mud, which was a great disappointment to all. But the temperature was remarkably different. On the Sunday it was tee-shirts and shorts (and with O’Akes, sun cream!), whereas on the Monday it was stout jeans and anoraks (and with O’Akes, a woollie pullie!). Amazing how you Brits survive in these extremes of mid summer! Turnout on both days was the highest ever with 40 cars on each day. Two extra  on the first day and one on the second. No late no-shows so the ring was chocka. Wont be able to get any more in and some applicants had to be turned down. Lots of new cars on both days. 

eo01.jpg (27228 bytes)     eo02.jpg (30836 bytes)     eo03.jpg (31912 bytes)     eo04.jpg (29028 bytes)     eo05.jpg (27343 bytes)

The SVVS contingent was there as usual in full force with thanks to all. On the Sunday, the Classic Car Day, Keith and Avril Piper came in their very smart Aston Martin DB5 Drophead which is one of only 12 Vantage convertibles built. They were parked next to the rather unusual and very attractive 1971 V8 Bristol 411 belonging to new SVVS member Miles Pinniger. This is one of only 79 built and was the fastest production saloon in the world when constructed. 

eo06.jpg (24703 bytes)     eo07.jpg (31244 bytes)     eo08.jpg (25430 bytes)     eo09.jpg (25611 bytes)     eo10.jpg (33704 bytes)

Another new car to the E&O was the 1948 Jaguar Mk 4 belonging to Mick Goodson. The Mk 4 was the post war name for the SS. While on the Jaguar theme, Clive Bracey was not there for most of the day in his usual inconspicuous XK 120. Very conspicuous by its glam looks was the new David Lilley two tone 1958 Jaguar Mk 8 still fresh from its restoration. Forever fresh and polished was the Ferrari Red Colin Mulford 1954 MG TF. More of a ‘BLMC Red’ was the Bryan Shepherd 1966 MG Midget, while the Graham Martin 1948 Eight was Standard grey. 

eo11.jpg (37304 bytes)     eo12.jpg (37300 bytes)     eo13.jpg (28988 bytes)     eo15.jpg (30588 bytes)     eo15.jpg (27492 bytes)

Triumphal were Messrs Roger Horstman in the TR 2, and first time to the E&O for a nice Christopher Hewitt razor-edged 1953 Renown previously owned by a titled lady. Worthy of special mention were a couple of non-member cars new to the Show. Brian Neale brought along his tidy and smart 1967 Alvis TF 21 which was one of the last Alvis cars made. Phil Davies brought along his AC 3000 ME. This is one of only 112 which were hand built between 1978 - 1984, being a mid engined car with a 3 litre V6 driving through a 5 speed Hewland gearbox.

eo16.jpg (28938 bytes)     eo17.jpg (31605 bytes)     eo18.jpg (31410 bytes)     eo19.jpg (28529 bytes)     eo20.jpg (30747 bytes)

The SVVS seems to be taking over the Vintage Day on the Monday by occupying some 24 spaces. John Curtis came in his wedding special 1934 Alvis Speed 20, Mike Fay came in the 1933 LWB Armstrong Siddeley, and Keith and Avril paid a return vintage visit, this time in their Pebble Beach conquering 1934 Aston Martin Sports Saloon in those two gorgeous tones of blue. Alan Reid came in the 1932 Austin Seven Special in two tones of red and aluminium, and ex PC van de Plod came in the chunky 1934 replica of E.R. Hall's 3.5 Racing Bentley, naturally in Racing Green. Adjacent was the much more sedate and regal John Champman 1937 Bentley Derby.

eo21.jpg (29348 bytes)     eo22.jpg (30443 bytes)     eo23.jpg (31052 bytes)     eo24.jpg (31327 bytes)     eo25.jpg (33914 bytes)

Far from regal, or slow, David Smart 1911 Ford Model T pickup. Looking absolutely nothing like a Ford Model T was the Locket 1913 Speedboat Special which we are assured has T origins before great uncle Thomas de Quincey got hold of it and put a boat on it. Nothing much unusual about the 1928 Ford A Custard Special of Chairman Erroll except that we were very disappointed that Dianne did not attend; was missed and no excuses ! Nothing much unusual either about the roof being up on the Tony Russell Bugatti 7W Ford Popular Convertible which chugged its last breath on the way home; major engine transplant imminent - dragster spec ?? Sharing picnic tables were the adjacent O’Akes temporarily off-duty E&O Steward duo in the larger of their Humbers, the 1930 Snipe, seemingly feeding the lonely hungry Chairman Erroll. (Not with my salami I hope??)

eo26.jpg (34513 bytes)     eo27.jpg (28444 bytes)     eo28.jpg (28486 bytes)     eo29.jpg (35676 bytes)     eo30.jpg (30170 bytes)

Further down was Harry Scott and the ‘Old Witch’, the 1924 Lancia Lambda. Not far were Messrs Picnic Organisers in their 1946 MG TC ‘Cuddlemobile’, although how in a TC beats me? And adjacent were Messrs Editor Julian and Thelma Alderton in their MG Y with that bootlid that is so useful as a picnic table. Newish members Mr & Mrs Peter Dingle in the weddings 1923 Morris Bullnose were next to Frank Hayter and co in ‘Big JO’ the 1934 Morris Oxford Six. Messrs Mike Gorman as usual in the 1934 Morris 10/4 cohabited with the Simon Bishop party in the 1925 Singer 10/26. What’s up with Bishop, not late these days! 

eo31.jpg (29550 bytes)     eo32.jpg (32604 bytes)     eo33.jpg (32793 bytes)     eo34.jpg (29286 bytes)     eo35.jpg (26597 bytes)

Dividing them was our ‘Worried with Taperecorder’ Chris Cuss who had ensured good weather for us all by coming in the 1935 Riley Kestrel which we are reliably informed only ever comes out if it does not rain. It didn’t, but how was he so sure?? Probably glad that it didn’t were Messrs Donald Bingham in the le Mans Prototype 1933 Singer works car which we hardly ever see with the roof up, whatever the weather. Hopalong Pearce was instructed by Jackie that he will attend the Show which he then did in the stately regal 1933 Siddeley Special although I had him down for months as coming in the Stoneleigh. Seems a battletank is easier on his foot than a lightweight chummy.

eo36.jpg (34073 bytes)     eo37.jpg (29542 bytes)     eo38.jpg (32956 bytes)     eo39.jpg (34372 bytes)     eo40.jpg (31795 bytes)

The Triumph duo of Clive Mellor in the 1935 Gloria Southern Cross and Jon Quiney in the sculptured beauty the 1940 Dolomite waterfall were adjacent again and causing much stir; as indeed was Don Williams with his mini expo on the 1927 Trojan Tourer. In fact, that end of the row seemed to be constantly busy and enhanced by the much admired 15 litre 1917 American La France Special of ex member Leo Smith. Missing from the Show was Alan Benewith due temporary ill health.

eo41.jpg (214467 bytes)     eo42.jpg (29294 bytes)     eo43.jpg (27775 bytes)     eo44.jpg (31523 bytes)     eo46.jpg (44217 bytes)

Worthy of special mention were also a few non-member vintage cars new to the Show. Alan Moriaty brought along a 1926 Austin 12/4 with an Australian Holden Body, David Glew in a neat 1939 MG TA, James Walker who came in an interesting Rolls Royce 20/25 Sports Saloon being one of only two with this body which is sort of Bentley continental-ish at the back, and Paul Walby who came in his unusual and smart 1937 Talbot BD75. The Peter Price 1927 Maharajah Rolls Royce 20 first seen last year continues to draw crowds. Yours truly was as usual in the Site Hut, the static 1932 Rolls Royce 20/25 Shooting Brake which is making some odd noises from the gearbox after the car floated away in the recent floods. Getting the mayonnaise out of the gearbox proved quite difficult and by the sounds of things, copious quantities of it are probably still in there ! But not from the E&O Show!

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