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Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society caters for veteran cars, vintage cars & classic cars, as well as commercials and motorcycles.


:: [ RAHMI KOC TRANSPORT MUSEUM, Haskoy, Istanbul, Turkey ]::

The SVVS Website now has in excess of 15,000 photographs on this site dealing with SVVS and other vehicles.

Photos can be seen via the Venue summary pages leading to Event pages on either:  2014; Recent Venues Page or  2013; Last Year's Events Page or if you require any HELP or for INFORMATION on any car or make try our  HELP Pages.    

There are now a number of
Picture Gallery Pages in this section which contain lots of varied Photographs taken by Members and Associates. 

Our Hon Sec Malcolm Bailey went to Istanbul Turkey and while there visited the Rahmi M Koc Transport Museum, Haskoy, Istanbul. This private museum must be one of Istanbul's best kept secrets and should be on the 'must visit' list of any transport enthusiast visiting this bustling city. While not the easiest of places to locate as it is well off the usual tourist routes on the north shore of Istanbul's Golden Horn, determination will be well rewarded. The museum occupies two sites straddling a local road, the Lengerhane building (former anchor foundry to the Ottoman navy) and Hasköy dockyard, a former ship repair yard. At the gate a slightly dilapidated F40 fighter is mounted on a plinth  but from then on its world class. Altogether, an excellent way to spend the best part of a Sunday, and highly recommended if ever  in Istanbul. To get there, take a yellow cab or the number 47 bus (stops outside the museum) from Eminonu bus station, southern end of the Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn.

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